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10 Amazing Brazil Photos You Will Surely Love

Brazil is one of the beautiful countries in the world. From its amazing stretches of golden sand to the colorful streets and houses of Rio de Janeiro, there is a photo-worthy view that you should not miss. To prove it, here are 10 amazing Brazil photos I love and I want to share it with you.

1. Rio De Janeiro Downtown and Favela

Rio De Janeiro Downtown And Favela

This photo shows the other side of the festive Rio de Janeiro. Favela is a term given to the Brazilian shantytown or shack. At present, there are around 1,000 favelas in Rio, and it houses around 1.5 million people or around 24% of the city’s population, according to the Catalytic Communities. The favelas are varied, some may have the rudimentary infrastructure and others have homes connected to electricity with computers and phones. Favelas lack proper sewage systems, waste management systems and access to potable water.

2. Aerial View of Rio de Janeiro with Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain

Christ Redeemer

The aerial photo of Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer will take your breath away. It is 98 ft.tall, and the arms stretch is 92 ft. wide. It is situated in the Tijuca Forest National Forest at the top of the Corcovado Mountain. Christ the Redeemer statue is considered as an icon of Brazil. The statue is the 5th largest sculpture of Jesus.

3. Aerial Shot of Amazon Rainforest


The photo showing the Amazon Rainforest covering the northwestern Brazil and extends to Peru, South America and Colombia. It is considered as the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famous for its biodiversity. Thousands of rivers are crisscrossing the rainforest, including the amazing Amazon River towns. The area is full of 19th-century architecture from rubber-boom time, including Peru’s Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado and Brazil’s Manaus and Belem.

4. Sunset Silhouettes Playing Altinho Futebol Beach Football Kick-ups Soccer Ball Ipanema Beach

Play football

This captivating photo was taken in the Ipanema Beach in Brazil when the sun is about to set. This is the place where most people play Altinho Futebol beach football. The area has around 2 km. of beach with white sand. This amazing beach is surrounded by bars, restaurants and souvenir shops at the Rua Vincius de Morais strip.

5. Samba Dancers at the Carnival Parade


The photo was taken during the carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro Warsaw September 5. Samba dancers join this festive event. Visitors are flocking the area for a week of dancing, partying and singing. The Carnival is celebrated in every state in Brazil. Although the celebration is exciting and fun, none of them can surpass or equal the amazing Carnival in Rio. It is the best time to experience best of the Brazilian culture, this is one event that will sum up the carioca way of living.

6. Colorful Hillside Favela Architecture of the Solar do Unhao Community

6.	Colorful Hillside Favela Architecture

The photo was taken from the distance to show the colorful hillside favela architecture. Favelas are becoming one of the popular places in Brazil. It is located on the hills surrounding Rio. The favelas are home for around 24% of the Rio de Janeiro population. In an ironic twist, although they lack vital public services like water, sewage, and garbage disposal, they have an amazing view of Rio’s colorful cityscape, the Atlantic Ocean, and its lush urban forests.

7. Tourist at Iguazu Falls

Tourists at Iguazu Falls

This astonishing photo displays one of the world great falls the Iguazu Falls with tourists lining up to view the breathtaking body of water. This falls originated two hundred thousand years ago at the Three Borders Landmark where Iguazu and Parana Rivers meet. The Iguazu River runs for 1,320 km and flows into the Parana River. The Iguazu River is between 500 and 1000 meters wide. If in the National Park Area, it grows bigger up to 1500 meters.

8. Street Stall Selling Fruit in Salvador, Brazil

Street stall selling fruit in Salvador

The photo showing a stall selling fruit in the busy street of Salvador, Brazil. The fruits are arranged attractively to draw people. You can see lots of them on the streets of Salvador. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular destinations.

9. Casal de Tucanos

Casal de Tucanos

This lovely photo features a tucanos couple. The bird belongs to the Ramphatos and lives in the forests of South America, particularly in Brazil. Aside from the Amazon, they are also found in tropical areas of America, such as in Mexico.

10. Coffee Beans spill out of a paper bag


The photo showing Brazil’s number produce, coffee. As compared to other countries, Brazil produces more coffee. Actually, Brazil produces 30% of the world’s coffee supply. Minas Gerais is the largest coffee-producing state in the country.

10 Amazing Brazil Photos You Will Surely Love
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