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7 Breathless Photos of Nepal

Nepal has captivating landscape and views that are worth visiting. Bring along your camera to capture the wonderful views you will only see in Nepal. It has the popular Everest region and the impressive mountain valleys, heightened by gushing waterways. The vast green hilltops, the rickety old bridges and the Nepalese who are always with a friendly smile to offer are some of the images that are worth photograph for.

1.	Prayer flags and Mt. Annapurna I background from Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

There are three reasons why this photo captures the attention of many. One is the beautiful north-east face of Annapurna South. It is one of the most beautiful, amazing locations you will see in Nepal. Second is the captivating blue sky which enhances the view and made the photography even more attractive. And lastly, the prayer flags which display a visual feast with their bright colors, and their unearthly spirituality in the surface of such powerful and substantial physical beauty.

Twilight with Boats on Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

The Phewa Lake is located at the heart of the Pokhara City. The great thing about taking a photo here is that you will be able to capture the lake, the mountain, the city, the forest and the colorful twilight boat sailing gracefully along the lake. The reflection of Annapurna range on the Phewa Lake can make you open your camera and snap some shots.

Nepal Himalaya Khumbu Sagarmatha National Park Hikers

The Khumbu is a subregion of Sherpa and Khambu of the Himalaya. The subregion includes the Sagarmatha National Park which is located in the north of Nepal. The photo shows hikers aiming for the highest part of the mountain. In the background is the breathtaking view of Mount Everest.

KATHMANDU, -MARCH25 2017 Yogi sitting in prayer in Pashupatinath Temple Nepal of Kathmandu

If you visit Nepal and you see a yogi sitting in Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most popular, sacred Hindu temple in Nepal, do not waste your time get your camera and snap a shot. You will not be able to see this image again personally. If you want to visit the temple it is located on the Bagmati River banks north-east of Kathmandu Valley.

Patan .Ancient city in Kathmandu Valley. Nepal

If you visit Nepal, do not forget to visit Patan one of the largest cities in Kathmandu Valley. This is where the Durbar Square is located where you can see the amazing temples, palaces, and statues. The photo showing the great structure of the palaces that you would only see in Kathmandu.

Yaks carrying weight in Nepal

This photo is worth a thousand clicks. Only in Nepal where you can see yaks carrying heavy weights for a human. The natives use them as a means of transporting their goods from the mountain. Such a memorable view you wouldn’t want to miss.


Amidst the heat and the burden this Nepalese woman is carrying, she still manages to wear a smile. Nothing can beat those welcoming smile as you visit the Annapurna region of Nepal. This portrait of a mother and a child expresses the life they have in the region. Make sure your camera is ready as you stroll along the region and capture this inspiring portrait.

Final Words

A piece of advice, if you want to visit Nepal make sure to bring your camera with you. You wouldn’t want to miss those amazing sites and view that you can only see in Nepal.

7 Breathless Photos of Nepal
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