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Tsum valley is located at the right side of Nubri valley and both (Tsum and Nubri valley) are known as Manaslu region of Nepal. Which is being closed to Tibetan boarder and people are influenced by Tibetan Buddhist religion. Tsum valley is probably the most beautiful valleys located under the majestic Ganesh to the south part and Sringi Himal in the north part and including Buddha Himal and Himal chuli to the west. The northern ends of the valley is bounded by three high passes to Tibet, Ngula Dhoj Hyang (5093) to the east, Thapla pass (5326m) to the west and Humlung pass lies to the north.

Tsum valley

Tsum valley is also known as “Beyul kyimolung” come from Tibetan language which means The valley of happiness first described by Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava). When the people migrated from Tibet many year ago bring in rich culture where Tibetan origin and it’s ancient religion are still retained to this day in this hidden valley. However they have their own culture, rituals and festival.

Tsum valley of happiness trekking in month of December-January you’ll able to witness a very important festival Dhachyang (festival of horse) beautiful decorated horse participate in Race and if you are trekking in May you’ll be celebrated saka Dawa along with local people during the Birth, Enlightenment and Demise of Lord Buddha’s commemorate. This is very famous festival in Tsum valley and Buddha Teaching are taken Heart here by people. The local people of Tsum agreement in 1920 between the LAMA SERAL DORJE DURKPA REMPOCHE that people are prohibiting to sacrifice animal in Tsum valley.

Horse in Tsum Valley

Trekking Tsum valley gives once life time opportunity that allows an access to the Shangri-La Land of Nepal. In Tsum valley still practice polyandry system that all the brother in family are married to single Girl. However Tsum people they have their own culture, rituals, festivals.

“TSUM” comes from Tibetan words which means VIVID. Tsum valley was an ancient Trading Route of Nepal and Tibet where the exchange and movement of people and goods still continues this day. The main trail rout of the valley is the leading into Manaslu Conservation Area. The Trail goes through a steep – sided gorge where sunrise is late and sunset is early and Trekking to Tsum valley you’ll come across some lovely waterfall, river, see a lot of monkey in dense forest, a rare Birds Vulture, and the Tibetan style house, house area are slate- roofed and built of mud. The village of Tsum valley are at the height of 2400m to 3700m above the sea level.

Manaslu Conservation Area

This stunning hidden valley is less known and fewer visitors but it is a must a visit place for all travel lover. The best time to visit this valley is in autumn and spring season. Because during this time there will be less rain with good climate temperature and environment. It is home to 18 small villages and about 4000 peoples of ethnic group known as “Tsumbas” they are original Tibetan and practice Buddhism and Bon Religions.

Trekking in Nepal

The Buddhist saint Milarepa is believed to have meditated in caves of this mountainous. And it is home 1oo monks and nuns at Mu Monastery (3700m) and Tibetan Buddhist is still very prevalent in Tsum valley

All travel is done on foot along trail that feature many ancient chortens and carved Mani stone wall inscribed with prayers. Tsum valley is opened in 2008 for foreign trekker. It has not visited by many travelers, there few established such as tea house, hotels along the trail. Trekking to Tsum valley give you first- hand experience of camping trek as well as Tea house trek.

BioExplore Manaslu is a travel and trekking company specific to the Manaslu region of Nepal. Explore Manaslu is the best trekking company operating only in the Manaslu region managed and staffed by a local team of experts. We will take you on a journey into the wonder of one of the most unspoiled and exotic places in the world. Explore Manaslu were established by a native Manaslu trekking guide team with the aim to provide quality, local service to our Guests.

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