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GPS for travel

GPS with Extraordinary Applications for Travel Seekers and Novices

Usually, if someone is talking about GPS we start thinking about maps on our phones.But there are other ways how you can use the GPS tracker which will be unexpectable for you.

GPS in the backpack

If you prefer traveling by plane you might be thinking about those cases, in which your luggage is lost by the travel agency.

Owning a GPS tracker put in your suitcase may be extremely helpful in such situations.If you are interesting in you can check this link

2. Bike

GPS in the bike

If you are traveling by bike you can put GPS navigator inside (or it could be hidden in some parts of your bike) and in the case of stealing you can easily find it.If you are interesting in you can check this link

3. Football team

Not so long ago, Indian football players were pleased with a special sports form with embedded GPS sensors.

According to their coach, this will give an opportunity to carry out a thorough control of the level of the load and help prevent many injuries.

4. The Ring of Fidelity

Ring of Fidelity

Britain decided to surprise everyone by the appearance of interesting engagement rings, equipped with a GPS system.

On the assurances of the creators, the main purpose of this innovation is to protect against loss and theft, but this development has become popular with many special jealous people, and the ring itself has been popularly called a "ring of fidelity." There are two types of such a ring - with a purple brilliant or transparent color.

5. Alarm for elephants


To hinder the activity of poachers from Africa, the animal welfare fund decided to place on the elephants special GPS collars, for this they are first euthanized with tranquilizers, which is absolutely harmless for animals.

This method of tracking animals can be used by ordinary dog breeders (, it will be much easier with the process of putting on.

GPS with Extraordinary Applications for Travel Seekers and Novices
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