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How to fold a tent

Another Tent Care Lesson – How to Fold a Tent

Before going outdoors on a camping trip I, like anyone other, check and pack everything that I could need in the wilderness.

Sometimes it looks to me that going and coming home looks like some never-ending circle, except I do try to visit new places every time I head out the door.

But, the most important thing on the list to consider is the care for the tent.

Although this might look very straightforward when it comes down to installing the tent on the camping location, still there are some things to know about how to fold a tent correctly, and some additional tips before you do so.

The Story Begins

Some time ago at the camping site far away I was ready to pack my stuff and go back home after the brief vacation.

Of course, packing my belongings was easy mainly because my list was short and very clear about what I must bring with me. Still, the most crucial piece of equipment was the tent.

Backpack for the Camping Trip

Taking care of the tent is essential because it must serve you for many years to come.

After finding the best and proper way to clean the tent, you will store it somewhere where is dry to wait for another camping trip.

All these preparations are making up the bigger picture, but the care for your tent starts at the camping site.

Since the finding and buying the best tent that will fit your needs you realize that this investment was somewhat costly and you have high expectations about its durability and versatility.

Therefore, you must dedicate some of your time to this matter and approach it with patience if you want to get the job done correctly.

Now, I understand that staying in the wilderness can and will be exhausting, but that is not the time to rush the things up as you will learn just a little bit later in the article.

Folding Your Tent in the Camping Site

So, at the camping site, you will do all the folding of the tent, but there are some important things to know before you start to pack the tent.

Have in mind that you can’t do the thorough cleaning of the tent out there in the wilderness and that should be left to do when you arrive home.

Step one

The most obvious thing to do is to take all your stuff out from the tent and after that clean it from any leftovers, dust, and debris.

Any debris that might stay inside could damage the fabric, and you surely don’t want that to happen.

If the tent is wet from the rain, morning moisture or any other type of water, you must hang it somewhere to dry before you start folding the tent.

The tent is ideal for the packing if there is no moisture left because it can cause the molds to appear.

I’ve read somewhere that you can fold and pack the wet tent, but I wouldn’t advise you to do something like that.

You plan and prepare yourself for the trip, and on the same way you plan and pack to leave the camping site.

Take Down The Tent

Step two

Now, your tent is clean, dry and ready for the next step.

At this moment you should take of pins or the stakes that are holding the tent.

Also, you should be careful when storing them because they are sharp and could easily tear a hole in any material. Therefore, to be safe, you should pack them in the bag separately from the tent.

Pack The Tent Stakes


Step three

Further, after taking off packing the pins, now it is time to remove the poles.

Since the poles are different and they can be split into the segments merely remove them from the holes and pack them separately in their bag or sack.

Step four

I’ve mentioned above that before you start packing and folding the tent you must clean it up. But just to be sure that there isn’t any debris left, pick up the tent and give it a good shake. Don’t be lazy; you must adequately do everything.

Step five

Ok, just a few steps more. After shaking, now you should place the tent on the ground and stretch it until it is flat with the field.

Now you must to check the base of the tent and be sure it is dry. And if the bottom is still wet, take some dry cloth or rag and wipe the area that is wet. Place the tent somewhere to dry for no less than 20 minutes. Remember – the tent must be completely dry.

Step six

Finally, you have come to the part when you need to fold the tent.

And this part is straightforward because you simply have to follow the tent fold lines.

While overlaying the tent longwise, be sure that the entry is at the top of the overlays.

Also, when folding, use your palm to release any air that could leave inside the overlays of the tent.

Step seven

At the end, rolling of the tent must go on a similar way like overlaying since you need to release any air trapped inside.

So, the best to do this is to start from the end of the tent and work your way towards the entryways because you left it on top, and the air will discharge through the hole. After this, tie the tent with some twine and pack in the bag.

You can also check out this video to know more information about how to fold a tent to fit in bag:

The Care Doesn’t End Here

The proper folding and packing of the tent are essential, but as soon as you arrive at your home, you must do some final preparations so that you could prolong the lifetime of the tent.

Now you will have space and time to clean, wash and dry your tent thoroughly before you store it in some dry and cold place.

the Closet

Take notice that the tent must be cleaned near to perfection because any debris could damage the fabric, or – the moisture can lead to the growth of molds, mildew and catch some hard and repelling scent.

Also, the storage must also be dry, cool and away from the direct sunlight because the fabric and the waterproof coating is sensitive and needs specific care.

The tent will come with its packaging, and I advise you to keep it and try not to lose it.

The basement of the house is not the best storage solution since it could have moisture.

Further, you shouldn’t vacuum pack the tent because the fabric needs to breathe. So, the bottom shelf of the closet can be the proper storage solution.

Final Thoughts

In the end, although it may look complicated the folding of the tent is the straightforward thing to do, but you need to follow additional steps that I’ve described every time you use it.

Like any other tool, the more care that you give, the tent will serve you for many camping trips to come.

Another Tent Care Lesson – How to Fold a Tent
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