5 Best Campgrounds In Popular USA Parks

Spending few nights under the stars is one of the best and most exciting solutions for a summer vacation. Whether you are an adventurer or a romantic soul – that feeling when you hit the road ready to spend next few days in nature is indescribably good.

There are many parks in the United States that offer the unforgettable summer experience. Some of them are very crowded, and some of them are still unexplored. Depending on your own interests, location, and motives for camping this summer, you should choose the adequate one and enjoy completely.

Here are my picks, which will hopefully help you choose the right campground to visit in the United States.


Assateague Island

Assateague Island

Assateague Island is national park located on the Delmarva Peninsula, on the Atlantic coast of the United States of America. The northern part of the island belongs to the state of the Maryland, while the southern part of the state is located in Virginia.

The camping is allowed only on the Maryland side of the island of Assateague. Over 37 miles of the beach makes it one of the best choices for summer lovers on the East coast.

This island is made for nature and animal lovers, who want to step outside their every day’s life for a few days. The place is famed especially for wild ponies, but also for other animals, such as deer, dolphins, and different spices of birds.

There are a lot of great activities for visitors, which makes this island a paradise for active and curious travelers. Things like kayak tours, crabbing, fishing, sightseeing cruises, bird watching, and hunting will make your stay on this island unforgettable!

Assateague Island is a great destination for campers, adventurers and everyone who wants to enjoy the untouched nature. This island is one in a lifetime experience – it’s a promise!

The entrance fee for a personal vehicle and all persons in it is $20 for 7 days.

Yosemite National Park

This national park is extremely popular for camping, and looking at the photos of Yosemite, it’s really not a surprise! Millions of people choose this park for camping during the spring, summer, and early autumn.

Located in Northern California, within the 1.200 square miles, Yosemite is most famed for its beautiful waterfalls, but also for its grand meadows, very deep valleys and the world’s oldest trees - breathtaking giant sequoias. Besides the natural wonders, in Yosemite, you will find Gold Rush landmarks, vineyards, and monuments.

Yosemite National Park

What makes this park so irresistible for visitors and nature lovers is its pure wilderness. Also, Yosemite offers a wide variety of activities that attract people who enjoy outdoor activities. From hiking, biking, fishing, bird watching, to water activities and ice skating - the park is a perfect place for recreation. Yosemite national park is also an unforgettable experience for photography lovers.

If you’re planning on visiting Yosemite, prepare your camping equipment, your good mood, and a camera, and you will not be disappointed.

The entrance fee for a noncommercial vehicle with 15 persons or less is $30, and it is valid for the next seven days. If you’re entering in Yosemite by motorcycle, your entrance fee will be $25 for seven days, while individuals on foot, bicycle, horse, or in organized bus tours will pay $15 for one week.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Located in Montana, on the border between Canada and the United States, the Glacier National park is called Crown of the Continent. The park encompasses 130 lakes, two mountain ranges, hundreds of animal species and more than a thousand of different plant species. Amazing, isn’t it? Wait to see the photos!

Glacier National park is a right choice for alpinists, hikers, bikers, fishers, photographers, and all those who enjoy the enchanting view of the ancient green woods and beautiful blue lakes.

For truly dedicated campers with proper equipment (and a little bit of courage), we recommend the Glacier National park during the winter. This amazing park offers winter activities, including ski touring, snowboarding, and ice climbing.

The entrance fee for all persons in one private car or truck is $30, and it is one-week long permit. For individual visitors on foot or bicycle, the entrance fee is $15 for one week, while the entrance by motorcycle will cost you $25 for seven days.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua is the place where two desserts meet: the Mojave and the Colorado. It’s located in southeastern California, and very rich in natural wonders, and cultural history.

Exploring the Joshua Tree National Park might be one of the greatest experiences of your life. The land is sculpted by the wind in a fascinating way, and the Joshua tree, a member of the Agave family the park was named after, comes in many different shapes and forms.

Geologists, naturalist, and biologists will definitely not be disappointed by camping in this national park, but neither will history and culture lovers. Joshua Tree Park has more than 5.000 years long history, 160 historical monuments, and around 840 archeological sites.

Entrance fee for this fascinating national park is $25.00 for one non-commercial vehicle and persons in it, and it lasts one week. Walk-in, motorcycle, or bicycle entrance fee for seven days is $12.

Na Pali Coast State Park

Na Pali Coast State Park

Aloha, and welcome to Hawaiian state national park. Na-Pali (high cliffs) Coast state park is my fifth, but the not less important pick for best campgrounds in the parks in the US.

Let’s introduce you to this park by saying that in January 2017, Napali Coast State Park was proclaimed the best national park in Hawaii in the category for landscape photography. It’s a great reason for visiting, but not the only one!

Great climate and fascinating nature will make your few days in Napali unforgettable. Deep valleys and high cliffs offer great opportunities for hiking and climbing, while the open sea gives opportunities for boating and fishing.

Boat tours, hunting (including the bow hunting), sightseeing and wildlife viewing are also outdoor activities you can enjoy in this Hawaiian state park.

Camping in Napali Coast state park is allowed only with the permit. The hiking and other activities are allowed without permits. What you also must know before planning a trip to Napali is that there is no drinking water in the park and that no smoking and alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Knowing that the camping in Napali is very popular, you should start planning your trip in time, and buy your camping permit. Cheapest fees are $15 per person for one night.


Whether you decide to choose one of our five picks or you have another great campground in mind, the one thing is for sure – camping is an irreplaceable experience, and the America is full of wonders, and it’s only waiting for explorers!

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