Do Ramen Noodles Expire? All You Need To Know

Do Ramen Noodles Expire?

When it comes to outdoor foods, there are two things I consider: how long the food lasts and if it can help me stack up on energy.

One of my favorite outdoor foods is ramen noodles.

They’re lightweight, easy to cook, and they can last a really long time. I don’t even bother leaving uneaten ramen noodle packets in my bag since I know they can be good to eat for my next hike.

Vegetarian Backpacking Meals – Stack Up On Energy!

Vegetarian Backpacking Meals

No matter how long you plan on hiking, you have to have your meals for the day ready, so your body can complete your demanding tasks.

Many of the pre-packed foods available in the stores are not a good solution because the foods are over-processed and can’t last long enough for a backpacking trip.

The ideal foods for backpacking should be lightweight, full of nutrients and good energy providers. And they should be able to last long enough to cover your trip.

Check my advice on vegetarian backpacking meals and start the hiking adventure!

How Long Do MREs Last? Eat It or Forget About It?

How Long Do MREs Last?

You went on an extended camping trip and were seriously too lazy to bring your own supplies and actually cook some food. Or a really hungry bear just managed to wipe out your entire food supply on the said camping trip.

Whatever the reason, you and your camping buddies are now currently facing a dilemma involving a tan package and the doubtful viability of its contents. Are you gonna eat it or not?

Is it still even edible? How long do MREs last, anyway?