Best Hiking Boots Under $100: Comfort And Style For Every Hiking Expedition

best hiking boots under $100

The world of hiking has exploded in the last couple of years, with many people considering it one of the best ways to get outdoors.

It is an easy and efficient way to ensure that you get some exercise and you can enjoy nature. However, many people have had a couple of problems when it comes to finding the right hiking boots for the job.

In this article, we take a look at the best hiking boots under $100. Instead of paying a fortune for your footwear, you can now find it at an affordable and competitive price, while still enjoying the best possible comfort.

Since there are so many to choose from, we have included a couple of features. These are key to selecting the right ones.

You can use this buyer's guide if these don’t match up to your standards.

Best Ice Packs For Coolers: The Spill-Free Way To Keep Everything Fresh

Best Ice Packs For Coolers

Ice the norm that we all know when it comes to coolers. However, it is not the only way to keep all of your refreshments cold. 

An ice pack is an effective way of maintaining the coolness in your cooler, and since they take a little longer to melt, you can leave your cooler for a little longer and take on longer adventures.

After growing tired of ice melting and all the water residue created in the cooler, I started looking for something else that could potentially help to keep everything refreshed.

The best ice packs for coolers came to mind, and since they can are reusable, it has become a treat to use them instead of traditional ice.

The Best 18650 Battery Charger You Can Find in 2019 (Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

Best 18650 Battery Charger

Irrespective of the purpose for owning 18650 batteries, you will need a top-quality charger to rely on.

Many household products such as flashlights and vapes use the 18650 batteries, and if you do not have the perfect charger, how will you use your batteries?

In choosing the best 18650 battery charger, you need to consider many factors. Not least of which is your battery size. A charger that can promptly, safely, and accurately charge various battery size is essential.

Without delay, I have compiled a list of the best battery chargers.

Best Air Mattress For Camping: The Comfort Of Your Home Bed On A Camping Trip

Best Air Mattress For Camping

Living outdoors can be fun, but it takes some adaptability. 

If you are used to sleeping in your bed each night, you might find a smaller mattress a little more uncomfortable. 

However, the best air mattress for camping tries to overcome this issue by giving you comfort while enjoying the best nature has to offer.

As an avid backpacker, I understand the struggle with weight and keeping it to a minimum. It led to a few bad nights with tough mattresses that just don't cut it.

However, I have had a few great nights with good mattresses as well. With a couple of features, one needs to look at before buying one. This article will give you a deeper insight into finding the top air mattresses for camping.

Best Wheeled Cooler: An Easier and Simpler Way to Enjoy A Cold One In 2019

Have you ever found yourself outdoors, going to an event or simply just enjoying a day at the beach?

We all probably had to endure carrying a massive cooler – filled with a few cold ones a couple of times. Nowadays, the best wheeled cooler come, and all of your problems can be left behind by just dragging it with you to the designated spot.

Being almost the same as your standard cooler, you will still have the same features that keep everything cold on the inside. However, the more intricate wheel design makes the transportation that much easier.

Being an avid camper myself, I have spent a lot of time with various coolers. Now, I feel you should also know which wheeled coolers are the best.

The Top 5 Best camp pillows for you this year

If you like camping, you know the experience of trying to minimize the materials in your field but still creating a comfortable experience. This is very much true if you are walking and carrying your equipment.

What you put under your head every night can make you understand the difference between the rest you ought to get after a long day of fresh air or drag yourself through fatigue the next day.

Regrettably, most of the pillows we use to are bigger and heavier and do not favor camping or backpacking.

Investing a good camping pillow is worth spending as it will probably last the rest of camping life due to its more occasional use.

The best camping pillow is the one that helps you keep your sleeping position, yet it is small enough to be light and take up little space, leaving more room for other needs.

Best Ratchet Belts: A 2019 Buying Guide

Best Ratchet Belts

When you’re a huge fan of spending your time outside, your outfits have to be able to keep up with you.

And yes, that includes your belt, too.

That’s why today I want to talk to you about some of the best ratchet belts currently available on the market. You’ll read all about ratchet belts in general, and as a bonus, I’ll include my favorite models, too!

Finding the Best AA Flashlights Money Can Buy – 2019 Edition

Best AA Flashlights

Having a good flashlight on hand can be a real lifesaver if you ever need to do anything in the dark or the power runs out. They are also useful for camping trips and the like.

I remember dozens of situations where I’d be stranded, or in jeopardy without a flashlight, that’s why I’m here today to help you choose the best aa flashlight money can buy.

The Best Vegan Hiking Boots In 2019 – Cruelty-free Footwear

Vegan Hiking Boots

Being vegan is not about just not eating animal products, it’s the principle of not using anything made of animals, which includes boots as well.

Finding the right boots for hiking that are not made of leather is not an easy job to do, so I put together a list of some of the non-leather and vegan-friendly boots.

It’s not a big list, but I’m sure you will be able to find the best vegan hiking boots just for you.

All of the five choices are criticized based on the same points which makes them a better or worse choice from one to another.

The Best Bear Spray You Can Find In 2019 – The First Line of Defense

best bear sprays

Animals are often misunderstood by humans in many ways. One of the biggest problems in humans’ encounters with animals is that they think that animal want’s to kill them and eat them in 100% cases.

This is simply not true, and that way of thinking led to countless animal lives lost for simple misinformation.

Animals work on reflexes, and they experience fear just as you do. When you encounter them, most of the time they think you want to harm them, not the other way around.

As the last resort, instead of shooting the animal dead, you can use the spray repellent, so you and the animals stay safe.

I looked into this topic a bit, and I selected few pieces to find the best bear spray you can get.