Top 5 of the Best Male And Female Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

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Finding the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet that gives comfort is the easiest and most economical way to help solve these pronation problems.

Smooth footless footwear is typically equipped with various features such as motion control, spring retention, cushioning, stability, orthopedic inserts, and flexibility to help people with flat feet and to heal this malady over time.

The best foot shoes align precisely with the legs and heels in a balanced position for a comfortable walking experience. Obstructive shoes can aggravate the condition of the flat feet, limiting its natural function and causing problems such as blisters, wounds, bursitis, etc. 


Top 3 Best Walking Shoes: A Comparison Chart

To save some time for you, before I get into detailed reviews of all the best male and female walking shoes for flat feet, here’s a comparison chart of the top three models available on the market.

Propet Women's Travelwalker II Shoe,Navy Mesh,6.5 N US*
Best Selling
Reebok Women's Skyscape Runaround Walking Shoe,Black/Thatch,6 M US*
5M – 12 M (Women)
5M – 6M (Women)
Synthetic / Mesh
Price not available
Price not available
Prime Status
Best Feature
Beautiful Colors
Great price
Customer Rating
Propet Women's Travelwalker II Shoe,Navy Mesh,6.5 N US*
5M – 12 M (Women)
Synthetic / Mesh
Price not available
Prime Status
Best Feature
Beautiful Colors
Customer Rating
Best Selling
Reebok Women's Skyscape Runaround Walking Shoe,Black/Thatch,6 M US*
5M – 6M (Women)
Price not available
Prime Status
Best Feature
Great price
Customer Rating

Why You Need a Flat Heel Walking Shoes?

best walking shoes for flat feet womens

Overwork is the propensity of the feet to roll inward: it transfers your weight to the bow. However, there are specific shoes that are developed to help people with this problem and even solve them over time. You can find walking shoes for male and female with flat feet

Although it may seem easy, the exercise of choice can sometimes be quite tricky.

So, I’ll break down the four most important reasons why you need one:

  • Fixed leg support shoes will always keep your feet stable and avoid unexpected twists.
  • Flat shoes help prevent fatigue caused by long walks.
  • Flat shoes will help eliminate the discomfort associated with bending and twisting the ankle
  • Helps maintain alignment of the spine by avoiding unnecessary back pain.

The Best Walking Shoes Available: My Top 5 Pick 

OneMix Men’s Air Cushion Sport Shoes

Onemix offers these Air Cushion men's shoes with an unusually light, breathable and comfortable design.

Onemix is one of the most important Chinese brands that offer high-quality shoes without the use of adhesive during production.

The non-slip PU foam lining is built into the shoe for better support and stability when walking. The bottom has a unique design that captures the bionic octopus for excellent traction when walking.

Onemix running shoes are all included with high-quality Onemix socks and free bonus laces. The soft, deodorized insole is breathable and does not produce unpleasant odors.

Onemix Air Cushion shoes have a 3D colored cotton top for maximum ventilation. The sole is composed of natural rubber and double EVA foam to provide high strength and hardening to the user.

This pair of shoes has a three-month warranty for the best after-sales service.

The aesthetic appearance of these shoes is surprising but yet exquisite. It can also be used regularly for jogging or walking.

It has a traditional lace closure on the face with six standard buttonholes for a better fit.

All these fantastic features are offered at an affordable price and with high-quality construction, this is what made us pick Onemix as the number one best walking shoes for flat feet.

However, the sizes are a bit too small and excessive spring support may not be included.

  • Padded, non-slip sole offers stability and support
  • The top of the net provides better ventilation.
  • Bionic Grip powder on rubber sole provides exceptional traction
  • Onemix socks and extra cables are delivered
  • The aesthetic looks alive; offered in different colors
  • Deodorized, soft and breathable insole; Durable with rubber grips and MD
  • The size may be too small
  • Excessive spring support may not be provided

Propet Travelwalker II Walking Shoes

Ideal for outdoor walks every day, and in the woods, this Propet Travelwalker II shoe is extremely elegant, fresh and offers many bright colors.

It has a lace-up closure on the front with elastic drawstrings, belt loops and a lever for easy and quick grip. The nylon upper mesh collar is integrated with a synthetic leather sole and top at the front and back for improved abrasion resistance.

This lightweight mesh design on the upper ensures breathability and keeps the shoe dry and healthy. The textile lining and the moistened insoles provide maximum comfort and user support while walking.

The textile lining and padded insole provide maximum support and comfort while walking. And, the rubber sole provides exceptional stability and grip when walking.

Exclusive DriStep technology includes a bamboo charcoal insole for maximum comfort and ventilation on your feet. The bottom of the shoe has a wavy pattern for firm grip on smooth, slippery surfaces.  

The design of Prophet Travelwalker II does not allow the accumulation of an unpleasant odor. Also, the heel has a height of about 1 inch and a lightweight midsole for stability.

The best thing about Propet Travelwalker II shoes is that they have been designed with exclusive use of 1,000 miles which is approximately 6 months, which is an added advantage.

  • The high quality extended collar offers breathability and comfort.
  • The foot and heel are abrasion resistant
  • Adjustable elastic loops provide a comfortable fit; offered in different widths
  • The design of the model does not accumulate bad odor.
  • Simple and flexible design; Can be packed in travel bags
  • It may not be ideal for use in wet conditions
  • It may not be suitable for people looking for excellent spring support

Brooks Men's Addiction Walking Shoes

Made of leather Brooks Addiction men's hiking boots, this has been reinforced by vault support and sufficient comfort to help its weak sources and over-pronation.

Addiction Walker presents a durable and advanced Mogo sole over its entire length with a sense of smoothing and better stability of walking. Brooks hiking boots are made with a stable full leather sole and non-slip leather sole for better traction and durability.  

Padded tongue has been partially sewn to prevent foot problems when walking. They are offered in a medium, which is a benefit.

They are available in 3 different colors to select.

Walker's outbuilding is incorporated with HydroFlow technology, including the strategically positioned and sticky heel midsole for dynamic fluid and forefoot placement to absorb shock.

Brooks Men Addiction Walker features HydroFlow technology with midsole damping and strategically positioned dynamic viscous fluid in the heel and leg for superior shock absorption. The configuration allows the midsole and outer foot designed to be positioned efficiently and consistently in the box top area, providing precise control of movement and flexibility.

This feature will benefit many people with an annoying foot problem. The Diagonal Gradual Integration built-in here is a dual density spring support provided for excellent motion control and knee relief, and this helps in reducing the risk of pains on the knees, heels and backache.

With limited colors, it might not be so cool, considering the fact that one may not like the available colors.

  • Configuration MC Pod ensures the balanced position of the foot
  • Provides excellent motion control and arch support
  • Solid leather surface is very comfortable and durable
  • HydroFlow technology and support ensures a high
  • Non-slip sole provides better traction
  • Innovative, unique depreciation Mogo offers excellent stability at every step
  • It has just three colors
  • Sole may look very stiff and not flexible

Reebok Women’s Skyscape Walking Shoes

To provide maximum comfort for the feet, Reebok gives this Skyscape runaround shoe that incorporates Skyspring comfort technology. This technology has a lightweight design, weighs only 5 oz and the structural design of the shoe sole support and stability.

However, this design does not easily compromise the damping foot. The sole is well cushioned for maximum protection and shock absorption. 

It has a minimum of rubber accents as needed, to ensure better traction when walking. Perfect shoe structure does not cause any friction in the skin or irritation. The printed surface of the foam material consists of full support that is high in comfort and flexibility. Rubber outsole provides stability and user stability required.

Reebok Skyscape walking shoes can be easily washed, the upper part of the padded foam will not lose its shape. It has a front lacing system that acts as a closure for a perfect fit with the six holes provided. These can be used all day long with comfort and ease. The heel is flat and the sole measures approximately 1 inch.

This sole is extremely flexible and has a uniform alignment in the heels area to provide ease with each step progressive, which improves the shoe for women's flat feet.

Made of foam, the insole is detachable for the comfort of the user. Even if you do not wear socks, the padded collar at the ankle makes it very comfortable, but it may not be comfortable enough for people with broad legs.

  • Rubber sole provides better traction
  • Can be machine washed with the foam tip.
  • Synthetic fabric and durable rubber sole retain their shape even when wet
  • Weighs only 5 oz, extremely comfortable with sufficient damping
  • Padded ankle collar for support and stability
  • It may not be suitable for wide legs
  • Bow support may not be satisfactory for some

Vionic Endurance Walker for Men

Vionic Men endurance Walker is equipped with Orthaheel support technology to bring you more support and comfort for your feet, even when wearing them during the day.

Made of high-quality leather, the Walker endurance is made of synthetic panels with a grid pattern for ventilation and maximum foot comfort. This full-grain leather surface is waterproof to maintain its wet position. 

The orthopedic biomechanical input influenced by the podiatrist prevents the formation of bacteria and supports the environment of the shoe without any unpleasant odor. This model can be removed for convenience and can be inserted with a custom orthosis.

The soft, lightweight EVA midsole absorb shocks very well, reducing stress on the ankles, knees, and heels. The rubber sole is thin and light, with a groove at the bottom for better traction at all times, regardless of the surface condition.

And, the Vionic Endurance Walker has a kind of lace closure for a comfortable and personalized fit. The deep heel support aids the ankle and adjusts the foot in a more balanced and natural position.

It has been clinically proven to help plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and knee effectively. One of the few disadvantages of this product is the upper point may not last long due to excess usage.

  • Clinically proven to relieve knee and heel pain and plant fasciitis.
  • The biomechanical orthopedic insole keeps your feet clean, dry and healthy
  • Deep heel improves posture, gives a natural position to the foot
  • Rubber tube with sculptures offering better traction
  • EVA soft washers provide good damping
  • The upper point can come off after a while
  • The sole can be worn out easily after several uses.

Buying Guide When Purchasing a Flat Shoe for Walking

There will always be an essential reason to recommend the product. The most important thing for getting the best shoes for flat feet is to reduce or eliminate the pain and discomfort of the arches while walking or after a walk.

For the following additional reasons, we recommend the best shoes for flat feet.

Things to look out for when buying the best walking shoes for flat feet & how to choose the best flat feet shoes

1. Comfort

As we all know, comfort is what we are looking for here. Therefore, this factor should never be ignored. A good hiking shoe must be well padded for optimal travel comfort

2. Broad Width

Many time manufacturers often do not consider the fact that there are several people with different leg sizes. Designing a narrow toe or narrow toe trekking shoe can aggravate leg conditions and cause other problems such as blisters, leg swelling, etc.

3. Rigid Support

The only material must be hard material for long life and better traction. Because it adequately supports the insole and midsole structure, the stiffness of the sole is essential for the design of walking shoes.

4. Durability and Breathability

best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation womens

Whatever the weather, walking activities tend to cause perspiration.

Look out for air out hiking shoes with a unique design with perforated mesh or upper for better ventilation, which will create a cool, dry and healthy environment for shoes.

The breathable design allows you to wear it all day comfortably without problems or accumulation of odors and bacteria.

However, it seems reasonable to have an independent argument.

I'm sure you do not want to buy a pair of shoes to serve you for less than six months. It will be pretty disappointing. Before choosing a brand of walking shoes, in particular, make sure it is strong enough to satisfy your entire satisfaction.

5. Flexibility

Sufficient flexibility makes it easy to use flat feet without limiting movement when wearing walking shoes.

The excessively rigid sole will limit foot movement and may cause pain, wound or infection.

Although extreme flexibility does not provide the support and safety needed for the legs. Make sure you're looking for a pair of sneakers that are soft, not too tight or too loose.

6. Material

This consideration applies not only to flat shoes but also to all shoes. The quality of the shoe material must be reliable and incredible.

Quality material must allow the free flow of air to create a comfortable environment during walking.

Also, the material must be waterproof so that the shoe is ideal for walking during the rainy season.

7. Appearance

Trekking shoes should be able to complete your clothes or whatever it is you are putting on, otherwise unattractive shoes will make you lose your confidence and will be difficult to use.

Many brands offer a variety of interesting colors and original patterns instead of sulky shoes.

You can choose one based on the type of application and usage.

best walking shoes for flat feet men's

8. Arch Support

The most desirable in the flat shoe is excellent support for the arch. With this, the flat feet support effectively, helping to tension in the tendons and ligaments of the legs.

Many footwear manufacturers in particular design shoes for the treatment of excessive pronation disorders.

9. Removable Insole

Ortopedia is used to distribute pressure and weight on the leg evenly, as well as to provide maximum spring support while walking.

You can easily remove the pattern and insert custom orthotics for better stability and support.


People with flat feet know how hard it is to find the right shoes: you can spend hours trying different models that seem too heavy or too tight.

That's why we had trouble choosing the most comfortable walking shoes explicitly designed for people with this problem.

All the models we have analyzed are incredibly comfortable, relatively affordable and effective.

If you are tired of uncomfortable shoes, choose the model that best suits your style and find your pleasure to walk and run again.

The best part is that your legs will regenerate naturally after a while.

No products found.

We recommend OneMix Men’s Air Cushion Sport Shoes as it simply has numerous advantages.

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