All You Need To Know About Tent Camping

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Hello, fellow campers!

My name is Melanie, and I’m a camping enthusiast with years of outdoor experience. Here I’ll share my travels with you, with follow-up advice and tips on how to make your outdoor experience better.

With my guidance, you will be better and more skillful camper. I’m obsessed with nature, and I firmly believe that staying outdoors it’s the best possible therapy and relaxation medicine.

Nothing compares to the feeling of peace and quiet enjoyment in the open on a remote location with a small company. You will get the same feeling once you try it if you haven’t already.

Getting into camping might seem daunting or complicated when you consider all the equipment and stuff needed, but this is just a misconception. Here I’ll try to bring it closer to you without confusing or overwhelming you with information.

What Is Tent Camping ?

Camping trips can last from a day to as much as you’re willing to stay. For those longer trips or during the night hunting season, an adequate solution is required for cover and a place to spend the night. For one night you can make a cover even out of your surroundings, but for a longer period, you will need a tent.

Tent camping trips can be a lot of fun when going as a family. It can be a great learning and bonding experience; from setting up your camp, bringing up the tent and preparing the food. It’s also a good experience for the kids to go out in the wild and connect with the outdoors.

If you planned to take a trip with your partner, you should try out tent camping. It’s the most romantic experience ever. Trust me, as they say, a million star hotel is better than a five-star hotel. If you plan out the camping trip, I bet your partner will love it, that’s the most unorthodox idea of a romantic trip someone can have.

Camping can also be fun with a group of friends. For celebrating occasions, casual runaways and free weekends, all you need is a tent and some adventurous spirit for a great time.

You can just sit, eat and drink all day, go to explore the area or play some fun games together. Most of my great memories are all from the camping experiences with friends. Even the ones who didn’t like going outdoors left with a positive attitude.

Benefits Of Tent Camping

The first good thing about tent camping is connecting with nature. Some people don’t even realize how important and meaningful experience that can be until they try it out themselves. It can also be a runaway and gateway from the everyday life to a place where you can clear your thoughts and get in tune with yourself.

Tent camping can be the best possible plan for a holiday, not only is it cheap, you will learn to appreciate the basic stuff which you take for granted. You will have your place to sleep so that you won’t waste any money on a hotel room; you will make your food and all of the activities in nature come for free.

Camping also has many physical benefits which will improve your health. Spending more time outdoors and in the sun will boost your vitamin D levels which maintain the calcium in your blood and keeps your bones healthy. Vitamin D also helps in depression and in decreasing the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Many people with insomnia say they can finally get some sleep when they are out on a camping holiday. A good night sleep boosts the immune system and lowers stress levels. The peace and quiet you experience while out camping can significantly reduce mental stress and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Besides physical and financial benefits, camping has a lot of advantages for the kids. These days kids don’t spend nearly as much time playing outdoors as they used to before. All of their attention is focused on electronic devices which don’t require much of imagination.

When the kids are set free in nature, they can develop their imagination while creating games and exploring the wild thus improving their thinking power over time.

Tent Camping Tips & Tricks

To completely master the art of tent camping I have a couple of tips and tricks ready for you. I learned from my mistakes and you can too, how the years passed I gained much skill over time and developed a couple of tricks of my own which now saves me a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The goal is to be done with the work as soon as possible and to start having fun and enjoy yourself in the beautiful nature. To make your camping an easy task and to be prepared for various situations, follow my guides and become an experienced camper yourself.

Melanie Answers

People who are new to camping usually have a lot of questions to ask me in person. After I help them, I write those questions down and make an article about it so that I can help all of them at the same time. I try my best to get into detail and to give the best possible answers to the questions of the fresh camping enthusiasts.

Here I’ll list the most common questions and answers:

Buying Guides

Some of you often ask me what gear is good and what is needed or should be bought before heading out camping, so I included a section solely for this purpose.

I try to cover basic and advanced gear that I know you will need and I share my personal experience with it so that you can know the good and the bad properties of it.

I am usually reviewing several of the top products for the category and compare them against one another. The winner is usually the best for my taste and requirements, but will suit yours as well.

Check out my buying guides:

Beautiful Moments

Tent camping benefit that many oversee is the possibility to visit and stay at incredible places for longer. When you come to a national park or a remote location with fantastic view, you can set up camp there and have a mesmerizing experience that last much longer.

Sharing these moments and experiences is something that makes us happy and alive, and I’ll gladly share many fantastic shots and stories captured by both myself and you, my fellow adventurists!


If you need any more information about me or my blog, or you want to ask me something yourself, be free to contact me if you have any questions need answering. I’m here for you, and I’ll be glad to help with anything you might need help with.

I am Melanie Campbell, an outdoor and professional camping enthusiast that will give you the best expert advice when it comes to camping and outdoor trekking. I’m here to give you expert advice and proven tips on how to make the most out of your camping adventure.