How to Stay Warm in a Tent: 10 Proven and Effective Tips

When it comes to camping, we all know that bringing with you a tent is necessary. This is where you sleep and spend most of your time relaxing.

But when we go camping, the usual problem we experience is that it's too cold. This is especially true during the winter months. It causes us discomfort, and it makes us feel uneasy.

Fortunately, you've come across this article because we're going to show you How to Stay Warm in a Tent.

This will surely make your camping experience more enjoyable and relaxing. After all, that's the purpose of camping, right?


#1 Keeping Your Sleeping Bag Dry

The first thing you need to do to stay warm inside your tent is to make sure that your sleeping bag is dry. The least thing you want to experience is to sleep in a wet sleeping bag.

Even a slightly damp sleeping bag means a big thing because the slightest moisture can reduce its heat retention capabilities.

Dry the Sleeping Bag

You can do this by placing your sleeping bag inside a waterproof container.

When you’re going to a place which is near a body of water, make sure that your sleeping bag is far from water.

It should be enclosed inside a safe container that people cannot easily get in contact with. Remember, you, together with your friends is most likely wet when you’re on places like this.

#2 Keeping Your Sleeping Clothes Dry

Dry Your Sleeping Clothes

The next thing you need to do is always to keep your sleeping clothes dry.

Night is the coldest time of the day, and it's also the time when your body is mostly inactive.​

When you are inactive, such as when you're sleeping, your body temperature naturally goes down, and you feel cold.

To stop or to somehow reduce the discomfort of cold, you need to wear dry sleeping clothes. This means you need to have an extra pair of clothes that are specifically for sleeping.

#3 Add a Lot of Extra Layers

Another tip that we'll recommend you to do is to add a lot of layers underneath your clothing. You can do this by simply wearing thick jackets or sweatshirts under your t-shirt.

You can also wear insulation jackets or even emergency foil blankets while you sleep.

Wool blankets are one of the best ones to keep you warm in cold weather. The more layers of clothing or any cloth you wear or wrap around your body, the warmer you'll feel.

#4 Staying Hydrated

This is the most underrated tip that people fail to consider as important. It has been proven by scientific studies that staying hydrated before you sleep is effective in keeping you warm.

This is because drinking the right amount of water enables your body to function properly. Your organs start to work right, which then leads to you having the right body temperature.

Drinking a Cup of hot Tea

The stored water inside your body, or specifically your gallbladder also traps body heat, which then makes you feel warmer. In simpler words, the water inside your body insulates heat and increases your body temperature.

#5 Have More People Inside the Tent

Another tip you can try is to have a lot of people inside your tent. This is because the more people, the higher the temperature will be.

The reason behind this is that each person gives off their body heat.

So if you have a big tent, two or even three more people can sleep beside you which can significantly keep you warmer because they are also giving off body heat. It’s a very simple tip, but it works most of the time.

#6 Using Gas Heaters - Heating a Tent Safely

Who says that you can't use user heaters when you're out of the comforts of your own house? In fact, you can use one. But this time, these are gas heaters which are fueled by either kerosene of Coleman fuel.

Using Gas Heaters


Just be sure that when you're using one, you see to it that you know how to use it safely. Most camping accidents happen due to unattended gas heaters.

If you have one, make sure that you place it inside your tent and away from the reach of children or pets.

If you’re searching for a reliable gas heater, you can get the Kovea Cupid Portable Butane Gas Heater With HardCase Outdoor Camping.

This is very durable, highly efficient, and is affordably priced. This would surely give you enough warmth that’ll surely make your camping experience more comfortable.

#7 Exercise in the Middle of the Night

We all know that being physically active is one of the ways to keep warm. To clarify things out, you need to keep on moving so that you will have better circulation.

When you have better circulation, your body will warm up because the friction of your muscles and bones with each other produces heat.

So if you feel too cold in the middle of the night, don’t think that exercising is a weird thing to do especially that everyone's already sleeping.

By doing simple pushups or crunches, you can get your body flowing smoothly, and you'll feel warmer. Don’t do too much or else you’ll start sweating and cool down

#8 Building Fire

Early man built a fire not only to keep the wild animals away but to also use it as a heat source. Even though we're already in the modern age now, we can still take a grain of advice from the ancient past.

Building a small fire from a distance to your tent is an effective way to keep warm. Just be sure that it's not too close to your tent.

Building a campfire

You can also put flat rocks around it so that the heat can easily be reflected your tent. But in doing so, you need to be extra careful that your fire wouldn't catch on anything as that would surely be big trouble.

#9 Choose the Right Place

Setting up camp is not as simple as assembling your tent anywhere you wish. There are certain rules in camping that you always need to remember.

One of those rules is to always set up camp in high areas where strong wind gushes cannot easily flow through.

It's best if there are rocky surfaces surrounding your chosen spot so that they'll serve as a barrier against the strong winds that'll come at night time.

You can also let your tent entrance face downhill because cold air that originates from uphill can't easily enter your tent.

#10 Efficient Use of Body Heat

Efficient Use of Body Heat

When it comes to keeping yourself warm, sometimes, you just need to think of the basics. What we mean by this is that you can just get yourself a partner and cuddle up with each other.

This is the simplest and most enjoyable way to survive the night without having to do anything difficult.

A simple hug or cuddle from someone is an effective way to keep yourself warm because of the body heat that the two of your produces.

You can also check out this video to see the actual process of staying warm inside your tent:


Hopefully, you have enjoyed and learned something from the list because this is very important.

When you go camping with your family and friends, what you want to do is to enjoy, connect with nature, and to relieve yourself from the pressure and stress of urban living.

By making sure that you'll be comfortable and relaxed on your camping getaway, you simply have to remember our tips because these are proven to be effective.

I hope that you have learned a lot from this article about how to heat a tent, feel free to share it with other people so that they’ll also benefit from it in case they want to go camping. You can also tell us what you think by writing in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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