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If you love to spend your time outdoors with your family or friends, camping is a great way to escape from the city and enjoy the nature’s bliss.

However, nature is not always kind, and while sunbathing in delight in little time, you can end up soaking wet. Sometimes even the sun is too overwhelming, and you might want a space to retreat from it.

In all such cases owning a tent is a must, and we have set out to find the cabin tents with best features and review them for you so that you can make an informed decision before you invest your money.


Quick Look: TOP 8 Cabin Tents Reviews

​Cabin Tents and Their Purpose

Cabin Tent

Cabin-style tents are tents with vertical walls which have an ample space inside and extra much-needed horizontal space as well.

Often, there are room dividers, and that makes them suitable for large families or groups of friends.

An awning at the entrance is also a common feature. Cabin tents typically feature a square or rectangular build resembling an actual cabin.

Although you like to spend time outdoors, you most certainly prefer to feel comfortable while camping and have as much space and commodities you can.

The best way to achieve this is to buy a tent that is large enough for your friends or family.

The primary purpose of any tent is to protect you from the weather elements as efficiently as possible, but some of them offer much more than that.

The best cabin tents, therefore, provide maximum ventilation and protection from bugs or other unwanted creatures but also come with a strong skeletal system that can stand through the roughest summer thunderstorms but also takes a little time and effort to put up.

Types of Cabin Tents



These tents do not require stakes to set them. It is, therefore, easier to pitch this type of tent. You are also able to move around camp and discover the picture-perfect spot.

However, you must always stake down the freestanding tent or else it might be blown away by strong winds.

Non-freestanding tents, as the name suggests, t cannot stand on their own without the stakes. Pitching them in sand or snow is extra challenging.

On the plus side, they are lighter than freestanding tents and fit into tight spots more easily.

If you are in a hurry, then simply have a look at two of these models below.

TOP 8 Best Cabin Tents Currently on the Market – Our Reviews

We browsed through the popular products on the market and selected the five best-performing and best-selling, and reviewed them directly for you. Here’s how they fared:

Coleman 6-Person WeatherMaster Tent


Every tent list has to have at least couple of Coleman tents. It’s a very well known brand that delivers quality tents.

This model can fit six people easily, and it can hold two large air beds. It has patented welded floors to separate you from the wet surface.

It also offers a floorless screen room which keeps you safe from bugs. The dimensions of the screen room are 9x6 feet. And the whole thing measures 11x9 ft with a center height of 6ft.

The setup is quite easy, it’s constructed so it’s sturdy and simple at the same time. You will get an included carry bag to transport it without the effort.

It’s made of polyester and it has a rainfly included, so the weather won’t be a problem for you. The seams are protected and the frame can endure strong winds.

The zippers have a water resistant protection, so the rain won’t ruin your camping ever.

The problem that comes with such quality materials, is that it makes the entire thing a bit heavy to handle and carry. Having any sort of transportation would be advised, and a little effort to assemble it and bring it up, weightlifting-wise.

Things We Liked

  • It has a lot of room to spare, it can fit 6 persons
  • Awesome weather protection, withstands the wind and the rain
  • The construction is very sturdy and quality built
  • It features a rainfly and a screen room
  • Welded waterproof floors

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It’s a bit heavier than the average tent of the same size
  • Coleman is a known brand, so the price is in the upper segment

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent


When you feel like you should bring the whole family or a bunch of friends to the camping trip, the Coleman Montana will provide the necessary space.

It has a lot of room, you fit a big family and three big air beds inside. It measures 16x7 ft, with a center height of 6ft.

Since it’s meant for a greater number of people it features an E-Port which gives you the possibility to easily bring the electricity in the tent.

The corners of the tent are welded and the seams are inverted so the water stays out, if the rain surprises you.

The doors are hinged and easily accessible, which is great since more people will circulate in and out. The awning of the doors is extended which will keep your shoes dry.

It comes in three colors, but it’s safe to say that the green one is the favorite.

The tent is made of polyester and sturdy construction, just as I’m used to when I test the Coleman tents. It’s shaped like a modified dome, and it can be assembled under 15 minutes.

For a person that is new to the assembling of tents, it may last up to 30 mins if it doesn’t get any help from the others.

Like with the most of the Coleman tents, this one also comes with a carrying bag.

Things We Liked

  • A lot of room for 8 people, it can fit 3 big air beds
  • The corners, zippers and almost everything else is secured to be water-resistant
  • It features an E-Port for electricity
  • Build quality is great and the construction is sturdy
  • It pretty easy to assemble it

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It’s a bit pricey

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


Another big well-performing tent. Dome-shaped and pretty spacey, it can fit 8 people without an issue.

It’s split into two areas. The first area is the sleeping room, and the second one is a screened area which can be used as a sunroom or as a second sleeping room.

It’s made of weather-repellent polyester which is coated with polyurethane. The rain protection is a must in the open space.

The corners are double-staked which gives the tent a lot of stability. It weighs around 27 lbs and it measures 16 x 11 ft with a center height of 6.5 ft.

You should be able to stand up straight while inside without hitting your head on the ceiling. It comes in two color combinations, blue and grey.

The seams are double stitched and lep-felled so the water doesn’t find its way inside of the tent.

Also all zippers, threads and webbing are treated with repellency applications to make sure that it stays water-resistant.

The fiberglass frame makes the tent lightweight and strong at the same time, while stakes are made of steel and plastic.

It’s fairly easy to set it up, you will need around 20 minutes to get it done, but after you used it a couple of times, you will get it done much faster than that.

While the fiberglass frame does have the strength required, it makes it pretty lightweight, which might be a problem in the strong winds.

Things We Liked

  • A lot of room to spare for 8 people
  • It’s split into two areas, one of which is a sunroom
  • Quality built and sturdy
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to set-up

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It can’t withstand strong winds

Tahoe Gear is the renowned manufacturer in the outdoor niche, thanks to their reliable and versatile products, and reasonable prices.

Tahoe Gear Glacier Cabin Camping Tent


Their tent product line includes various solutions, from the small and single-person tents to big, multi-section pavilions for several people. The Glacier Cabin Camping Tent is a perfect option for family camping trips, or groups.

The 7' center provides quite the height for the campers to enjoy moving inside the dome, and the possibility to separate the tent into sections creates privacy and comfort for multiple families if necessary.

When packed, this tent weighs only 42.5 pounds, and it fits the 12.6 x 11.8 x 31.5-inch box.

When set up, the tent has many windows on the one side, and two big windows on the other; all windows have a solar shield which can be retracted so you can enjoy in light.

This tent is very spacious – it can house 14 persons very comfortably, and everybody can rest assured that the floor won’t leak or be rough. The tent incorporates ultra-thick bottom and single-wall 1200mm polyester body for convenience, comfort, and durable enclosure and protection from elements.

Speaking of that, the tent is 100% safe for three weather seasons, and you can enjoy quality camping with enough ventilation, room, and light no matter where you decide to place it.

Speaking of placing, the installing process is quite straightforward (even though it takes a bit of time, especially for the first assembly ever).

Things We Liked

  • Spacious
  • Very durable
  • Ventilation
  •  Double canopy on the entrance

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Strange noise from the bottom while walking
  • The fabric feels very thin, might be prone to ripping or tearing

If you’re buying from Coleman, you know what you’re getting. The impeccable quality, customer service, and bunch of features (even though at a slightly bigger price). The Hampton Family tent is a 6-person instant tent, meaning it will take minimum amount of time to get assembled.

COLEMAN Hampton Family Camping Cabin Tent


Moreover, the area it spreads on can easily contain two queen airbeds, and can get separated into sections using a provided material.

The tent is very tall, and enclosed with a very big door, which makes an entrance and exiting quite easy.

While entering or exiting the tent, you can’t help but notice the high-quality door; the big zipper that surrounds it and hinge mechanism bring the sensation of a home when you look at it.

The floor is super thick, and you get a floor mat for the whole tent in the package. It also has a “bathtub” shape for the ground water to stay out of the tent floor.

The construction of the tent is quite sturdy, but the tent will shake during strong wind.

The fiberglass poles are easy to set up, but overall a strong wind would move the empty tent for sure. During cold, windy nights, you might feel unusually cold because of the top section which is there for the increased air flow.

On a sunny day, you’ll have a fantastic time in this tent; the single-wall construction allows for a decent cover. Standing in the tent will be entirely possible if you’re under 7 feet tall.

Overall, a bit heavy to transport, easy to set up and quite comfortable, ventilated, and decent tent with minor flaws.

Things We Liked

  • Very tall
  • The hinged door
  • Excellent ventilation and windows

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Top doesn’t have a place to hook a light unit
  • Cold wind can get inside from the top
  • Heavy when packed

​Kodiak Canvas is a specialized manufacturer of camping equipment known for their innovative and interesting solutions in the field of mobile camping.

Kodiak Canvas 12x9 Cabin Tent


Their tent game is always strong and versatile, featuring tents for all occasions and surroundings.

The 12x9 model that we’re reviewing today is quite popular on the market due to the quality and sturdiness it brings, alongside the shape and color.

The single-wall construction of this tent features a 100% cotton duck canvas, advertised to be premium grade and labeled as Hydra-Shield, due to its ability to repel water and stay breathable at the same time.

This time the advertisements were true – the canvas is quite sturdy and reliable, and you’ll be covered from the elements very efficiently.

When you decide to close your tent, the awning flap (held by two long poles) closes and zips with quality zippers. While you stay inside the tent, five big windows will keep the light in, and they all have a protective mesh.

Speaking of construction, the corner braces are welded from tough metal, and they enhance the already sturdy Fiberglas bar setup.

To set it up, you’ll need a helping hand or two at the beginning, but it gets easier with every next time.

Keep in mind that this tent is quite heavy (approximately 112 lbs.) before thinking to move it or decide to pack it.

The ventilation is excellent, and the floor area is enough to place two queen air mattresses inside (from wall to wall). That won’t leave you with ample space for storage or movement.

For the price it retails, you get a fine, durable, and quite versatile tent that won’t let you down.

Things We Liked

  • Very tall and spacious
  • Superb protection from rain and the wind thanks to the material
  • Amazing construction
  • The awning flap is huge and multi-functional
  • Ventilation

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Quite heavy
  • High price

Outdoor Products brings us the first instant dome tent on today’s list. This product comes assembled on the manufacturer’s grounds, and you just unfold and extend it to its full capacity.

The interesting thing about this design was the skepticism that it received from the camper market, but as the technology evolved, these tents became more and more attractive. But, don’t label this as its only selling point – the 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent provides so much more.

Outdoor Products 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent


This tent is ultra-light, yet quite sturdy, in both assembly and resistance to elements.

The 14x10 feet floor area is enough to house even more than specified ten persons, and the floor of this tent will keep everyone safe and sound since it’s made from high-density polyethylene sheet.

The single-wall construction is decent, but can’t be compared with the previous models we reviewed today. On the other hand, it is quite sufficient for the sunny days and light rain and the wind.

The inside area can be divided into several segments for privacy, and there is the electrical port access for you to insert your lights, heaters, or fans.

On the contrary to the previous models, this tent does have a center hook (and a gear organizer!) for hanging items such as heaters, fans, or lights, which is very handy.

The tent is 6.6 feet tall and enables comfortable movement.

The ventilation is superb, thanks to six spacious mesh windows and oversized ground vents as well.

Setting the tent down and packing is a bit tougher to perform compared to setting up, but it’s not a big of a deal.

For the price they ask, Outdoor Products supply a great tent for light camping. Don’t expect superb rain and strong wind protection, though.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to set up
  • Great ventilation
  • The price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for stronger wind or rain
  • Light – wind can affect its composure

Standing Room Tents is a new name on the market, distinctive by their big and very spacious, open-looking tents that offer convenience and utility for the decent price.

Their positioning on the market covers families that don’t want to break the bank, yet enjoy in a spacious tent that can be opened on several places and have huge windows.

Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent


This tent covers exactly these requirements, and does it in squared shape and with robust construction.

Four separate doors enable you to optimize the tent for various occasions and happenings, be it a big family barbecue in the yard on a rainy weather, or a camping gathering in the woods.

The tent can be assembled in quite short time, but it won’t happen fast on the first setup.

The big canopy goes through hooks (the frame for the canopy isn’t in the original package), and it’s made out of quality polyester which has a decent corner ties system for the enclosure.

The inner area cabin can house four to five persons easily, and the impressive height allows for “hands in the air” dancing if you’d want to.

One of the very cool features of this tent are the two zipped sky windows that allow for superb ventilation and star gazing at nights, something that tents of this caliber usually lack.

Furthermore, there are four storage pouches for storage and two power pockets for electric cables for your lights, humidifiers, or speakers.

The single-wall construction is quite thin so that we wouldn’t expect decent rain protection, and strong wind would probably blow the tent away. Still for the money paid and the materials received, you get a good tent here.

Things We Liked

  • Huge windows (plus openings on the roof)
  • Great ventilation
  • The price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Canopy frame and stakes must be bought separately
  • Not suitable for stronger wind or rain

What to Look for When Buying a Cabin Tent?

Although deciding mostly depends on your personal needs and preferences, we have tried to help you get acquainted with all the essential features that a good cabin tent must possess and those are as follow:

1. Size and Sleeping Capacity

The most obvious thing to look for when buying a cabin tent, but also the most important, is the size of it and its sleeping capacity which determines how many people can comfortably fit in the tent.

The floor space needed for an individual is 25 inches (63.5 cm) in width and 90 inches (2.29 m) of length. When you know this it is easy to calculate the space you need - you just need to multiply this numbers with the number of persons you plan to accommodate in your cabin tent.

2. Storage Space

Having enough space to store all the equipment and personal belongings is a must when you want to feel comfortable and at ease. It is of particular importance for cabin tents as they are meant to accommodate different people with different needs at the same time.

As a result, many cabin tents feature a “vestibule”- an outside covered area separated from the tent suitable for storing your gear without creating too much clutter in the tent. Some tents feature a loft hanging beneath the roof of the tent which also provides extra storage space in the tent.

3. Age Suitability

Age suitability is especially important when you camp with young children, infants or toddlers.

First of all, you need a cabin tent that allows for kids to retire to bed early but also to enable you to attend to their needs at all times. An easy to access, separate room will do the trick.

4. Number of Doors and Windows

Since cabin tents usually accommodate more than one person, it is best when they have more than one door as it makes entering and exiting easier. Furthermore, as “doors” are usually zipped open, you might want to consider the noise the zipper produces as well.

One Door Tents are lighter, but it will be inconvenient to get in and out the tent when there are more people.

Two Door Tents are more suitable for families and larger groups, as they surely improve the living conditions and comfort level of the tent. The best option and usually the most expensive is to have every door protected by vestibule allowing for more storage space.

The number of windows influences the amount of daily light you will have in your tent, but it is best to choose the windows with blinds as to retain privacy as well.

5. Wall Construction

A double-wall tent features an inner canopy designated for sleeping and a rainfly which prevents the rain from coming in. These tents cost less while still offering good ventilation and protection from the elements.

Single-wall construction tents have a single layer of breathable and waterproof material. These tents are lighter and easy to set up.

On the downside, condensation is often an issue in these tents and if you opt for this type of construction make sure that it has a vent.

6. Type of Connection

A sleeve connection tent has poles which feed into numerous sleeves situated along the tent’s body. It is a stable structure that handles windy conditions well but setting up this takes longer. Additionally, condensation might occur since the airflow between the fly and tent body is obstructed to some extent.

A clip connection style means that you use plastic clips to attach the tent to the poles. It is easy to set up, and the airflow is superior, the stability is sacrificed though which can best be felt in high winds.

7. Roofing

There are cabin tent models that feature a darker roofing over the area designated as “the bedroom.” It is especially important in the summer as the sun comes out very early.

8. Poles and Pole Material

Fiberglass poles are light and found on the most inexpensive tents. However, these tents are light-duty and lack sturdiness which is necessary for large tents.

Aluminum poles are a more sturdy choice and easy to replace. Most backpacking tents have aluminum poles as they are lightweight.

Carbon fiber poles come exclusively with ultra-high-end tents. These poles are incredibly lightweight strong, but also very expensive.

9. Accessories

There are numerous accessories that come with some tents such as a “footprint” (groundsheet) that goes underneath the tent floor; a “porch” at the entrance of the tent which keeps out rain; and a “mud valence” which prevents splashing of rain and mud during torrential rains.

The Best Cabin Tent You Can Get Right Now Is…

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is the best cabin tent at this point. It has everything a cabin tent should have.

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup, Green*
  • Durable, Polyguard tent fabric is made to last season after season with included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • Spacious interior has room for 3 queen airbeds and has a 6 ft. 2 in. center height
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup in about 15 minutes
  • WeatherTec system – patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out
  • Extended door awning creates a dry area for entry and storage

Coleman is still one of my favorite brands which never disappoints, and this model has a lot of space, it’s water-resistant and it will last for a long time.

The price tag on it might be the only thing that can set people off, but its safe to say that it’s absolutely worth it.

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