Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? – Melanie Answers

Every true outdoorsman knows that going to nature is fun and exciting, but it can also be risky if you don't gear up properly.

Aside from proper footwear and clothing, having a good cooler is very important.

Whether you are bringing your food from your home, or you plan to do some hunting and fishing, keeping your food fresh is crucial if you want to have a good time and have your mind at ease.

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive?

Having a Yeti cooler is often mentioned as a perfect choice – these products have proven themselves many times, and are advertised as such.

But if you don’t have a deep pocket, those might be out of your reach.


Are YETIs Worth the Price?

Yeti Coolers

Let’s find out.

I'm sure that by now you are aware that every good product will come at a cost. That's just a fact of life.

There are a lot of cheaper and more affordable products on the market that you can buy if Yeti is out of your price range, and most of them will do the job relatively fine.

But that's the thing - Yeti didn't want to do things "relatively fine," they wanted to make a premium product that will be top of the line and provide you with best cooling experience there is.

Their most popular series is Yeti Tundra, and prices go from $199.99 for smallest YETI® Roadie® to $1299.99 for biggest YETI® Tundra® 350.

So by now, you must be asking yourself - are these prices reasonable for a cooler?

To find out, let's take a look at what Yeti offers for that price:

Why Buy a Yeti Cooler?

#Exceptional Durability

Testing Exceptional Durability

This is what Yeti is all about - what will you get for the bucks that you pay.

Like with any other premium product, we have certain expectations from Yeti coolers.

Their main purpose is to cool the food and drinks outdoors, so certain durability is to be expected - you need to know that your cooler will not be damaged if you drop it, scratch it or if a wild animal encounters it.

If you ever opted for the mediocre coolers, you’ve probably encountered multiple problems not long after the purchase.

Usually, the movable parts start breaking down, such as hinges, lashes, and handles.

Yeti Cooler Grip

Via Amazon

They deform, start losing the grip and the cooler just won't seal properly, so the ice will melt faster and your food might go bad sooner than you hoped.

This can be a major problem when you are out in the wilderness, far away from any shop or source of food, and that fish won’t bite.

So make sure that this doesn't happen to you, be prepared and pick the best cooler you can find.

Yeti's T-rex heavy duty rubber latches, Neverfail hinge pins and interlocking system, Coldlock freezer-quality gasket circles and Lipgrip handles (all patented by Yeti) will make sure that your cooler will stay closed and sealed properly, keeping your food fresh and drinks cool.

Nevertheless, movable parts are not the only feature that makes a good cooler.

Yeti made sure that structural integrity of the cooler is impeccable, making it reliable even in the worst-case scenarios.

No one plans for things to go bad, but you better be sure just in case.

That's why Yeti used rotomolded construction, which makes the container of the cooler armored to the core and, in words of the manufacturer - "virtually indestructible."

They pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam in both the walls and the lid of the cooler, and their Fatwall extra-thick walls hold two inches of insulation to make sure your ice is protected and lasts as long as it's possible.


Warranty of Yeti Cooler

Yeti is proud of the durability of their products, so they even demonstrated it in multiple tests, one of them is a famous bear test, where bear gives it his best to try and open it, and Yeti cooler sustains all the attempts.

You will be more than pleased to hear that Yeti offers a 5-year warranty on most of their models.

#Ice Retention

This is a big one - ice retention determines how much time do you have away from civilization and city noise.

You are on an adventure, exploring, you just found that perfect place to camp and you are one with nature... just to find out that your ice melted and you must pack your things and head back if you don't want to starve.

If you just had that one extra day, you could have filled your batteries and got your strength back to go on with everyday life.

With Yeti coolers you will have 5-7 days of fresh ice. Some people even reported that they got up to 10 days with their Yeti coolers.

Ice in a Yeti Cooler

Notes: I’ve already mentioned the high-quality build and insulation of these coolers, which allows for ice to stay cool for this long, but there are other things you need to know that will prolong the ice retention of your cooler.

First of all, before you go on your outdoor trip, make sure you don't leave your Yeti cooler anywhere in the sun or any warm room or car – keep it in a cool place. You can also leave a bag of ice in it overnight to cool it down even more.

You should also pre-cool all of your food and drinks. This will make sure that you get the most time out of your Yeti cooler. And last but not least important thing is the way you use your cooler. Plan your meals and drinks ahead so you don't end up opening your cooler too often.

No matter how good the insulation is, if you expose the ice too often to the outside heat, it will melt and shorten the time you have.

So like with any other gear that you use, you need to know and follow these simple and basic guidelines with Yeti coolers, so you'll get the most out of it.

Do I Actually Need a Yeti Cooler?

A Yeti Cooler for a camping trip

Well, it all depends on your activities, plans, and how much time you will be spending outdoors. For the most part, I would say – Yes.

I say this keeping in mind that there are people who like to go to nature for few hours, to relax, clear their mind and enjoy a drink alone.

If you are this person, you will most likely be satisfied with a low-end cooler. But for the most people, Yeti cooler will be on a must-have list.

Having a reliable cooler will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your adventure and have a good time fully.


There are some things you can afford to save your money on, but the cooler is definitely not one of them.

Just remember that food is the most basic thing for living beings, and you can't compromise there. Your health and well-being depend on it.

Yeti coolers have proven to be top of the line and they are definitely worth every dollar you pay for them.

So next time you are planning to go on a trip, make sure you gear up properly and get yourself a Yeti cooler.

Now do you know Why Yeti Coolers so expensive?

Yes or No?

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