Sleeping Under the Stars, Or Tucked in and Protected – Hammock vs. Tent

Are you an outdoor lover? If yes, you really need to read the following text as it might resolve an often debated dilemma and decide an ultimate winner in the final countdown: Hammock vs. Tent! Interested? I bet you are, so do continue reading, I guarantee a lot of interesting information.


Why Go Camping at the First Place?

Camping is one of the most authentic ways to experience the marvelous outdoors. Whether you prefer to go solo or have a big family or a bunch of great friends you want to share your experience with, camping is a great opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life.

Our lives are becoming controlled by the technology we use, and this is exactly why we all need a time for ourselves, away from hectic city life. Don’t you agree?

Camping in the wood

Of course, you do, you are surely also overwhelmed by crowds, pollution and never-ending loudness on the streets of your city.

Camping will rejuvenate you, I am sure, pacify your mind and strengthen your body.

Connecting with nature brings out the best in us, and the silence and serenity allow us to contemplate our existence and resolve our problems better, especially when we go camping solo.

It might sound too ambitious for such a simple undertaking, but the benefits of camping and spending time in nature are far-reaching indeed.

For that reason, let us return to our main topic and try to decide what is better when we set out camping on our own - camping in a tent, or camping in a hammock.

Hammock vs. Tent: Personal List of Pros & Cons

Although the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference, people could also be indecisive, and that is why we have comprised a concise overview of all features and facts that need to be considered before you set out to buy or use hammock or tent.

You do not want to make a wrong decision and opt for one of the two just to regret it later and have a hammock or a tent collecting dust in your garage.

What to consider?



Who wins?

Ease of Assembly

The hammock is always easily set up if you pack it well for the next use. Just be careful not to tangle up the ropes.

Some tents can be a bit confusing, but usually, it is not hard to assemble an instant tent.

If you opt for the bigger tent with more than one section- you will need to break a sweat and spend a bit more time.

Although sometimes not more complicated, setting up a tent does require more time than stretching the hammock between two trees- this means the hammock wins again.

Size and Weight

Most of you probably expect the tent to be heavier than a hammock, but it is not always the case. Hammock alone does not weigh more than a pound, you are right, but you need all the extra equipment we have already mentioned.

When you add the extra stuff, a hammock can overweigh a tent.As far as size goes- hammock packs down to a size of a six-pack.

An average tent does not weigh more than five pounds, and the inflatable sleeping bag does not add much weight either, but it is still more than a hammock’s weight.

Also, tents do pack rather compact but can never pack as small as a hammock.

Once more hammock seems to have a slight advantage.


If there are no trees around, your hammock will be useless. So forget camping on the beach or high altitudes and rather stick to forests, lakes and river banks.

But be aware that even in the forest packed with trees, it might sometimes prove challenging to find two trees that are positioned far or close enough to set up a hammock.

The tent is much more flexible when it comes to finding an appropriate place to set it up.

There are few situations in which it is impossible to find at least a few meters of suitable space such as a too rocky terrain or a great slope. Wet ground can also pose a problem and be a source of discomfort.

The tent offers more possibilities when it comes to finding a perfect camping site- this means that a tent wins once more!


Hammocks are usually less expensive, or at least if you do not opt for the most pricey hi-end models.

Yet, you have to consider the price of additional equipment you will need such as straps, a tarp and bug net.

Tents tend to cost more, to begin with, and you also need to buy a sleeping pad if you want to sleep comfortably and do not want to wake up with a stiff back in the morning.

Although the difference in price is not that big, hammock wins this round.

Comfort Level

Although renowned for comfort, the hammock can be a tricky thing to sleep in. If you do not set it up properly or you are a restless sleeper, you might end up on the ground when you least expect it.

Choose the tree underneath which you are going to set up your hammock wisely, or you might end up woken up by a giant pine cone hitting your face as well. Following weather forecast is also a must as a hammock cannot protect you from the elements.

Nothing can beat the security of terra firma underneath you, especially when you want to sleep through a night without any disturbance.

The tent will not only protect you from bad weather but also keep out any creepy crawlers and animals. You will have a bit of privacy as well.

Hammock seems more like a place to relax and hang out (literally) during the day, while a tent and a sleeping pad make an ideal combination for comfortable sleeping at night. Finally, the winner is a tent.

Final Countdown- Hammock vs. Tent

The final result is Hammock 3, Tent 2 and it seems like it is a tight win for all the hammocks out there. However, we would still prefer to call it a tie.

Why? Because you should definitely own and experience camping with both a hammock and a tent, and you will definitely thank us if you do.

Camping solo in a hammock and camping on your own in a tent are two completely different camping experiences. What is more, we suggest bringing both a hammock and a tent along with you on your next camping trip.

In this way, you will be able to enjoy looking at the stars as long as you feel like it, and then retire to your tent for a comfortable, tucked in sleeping experience.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Go out there then, and enjoy the beautiful nature around you!

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