All You Need To Know On How To Identify A Water Moccasin

How To Identify A Water Moccasin

I’ve been hiking and trekking around the states for a really long time now, and every now and then I encounter lethal wild animals, the most dangerous of which are snakes.

I know plenty of wild animals can be as lethal as snakes, but the main reason why I think snakes are the most dangerous is because they can creep up on you and give you a quick and deadly blow.

Keen VS. Merrell: What Is The Best Day Hike Shoe?

Keen vs. Merrell

When it comes to day hikes, I always prefer wearing low cut shoes over hiking boots or outdoor sandals simply because they offer both great comfort and security for my feet.

Unlike hiking boots, low cut shoes are lightweight and can be quite easy to pack.

They’re also much safer than outdoor sandals since they can do a better job of protecting my toes from getting stubbed.

Chaco VS. Teva: What Is The Best Hiking Sandal?

Chaco vs Teva

Don’t know if you should get ​hiking boots or sandals for your next outdoor trip?

If you know about boots but have no clue about outdoor sandals, you’re in the right place!

In this article, I will be doing a quick comparison between two great outdoor sandal brands: Chaco and Teva.

The debate between Chavo VS. Teva has been going on for a while because of their competitive features.

Down VS. Synthetic Sleeping Bag: Which One Is Better?

Down vs. Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Camping outdoors has become a pretty popular recreational activity over the past decade.

Because of so, lots of products like quilts and sleeping bags have been innovated and developed to provide campers with the utmost convenience and comfortability outdoors.

Sleeping bags for one now come in different types including down and synthetic types.

If you are currently looking for a new sleeping bag, but don’t know which one you should get, I highly suggest you take a look at this quick guide about down VS. synthetic sleeping bags before you go out and buy some random sleeping bag for your next camping trip.

Are Moose Dangerous?: What To Do When You See One

Are Moose Dangerous

Hiking is a truly exhilarating feat that can connect you with all kinds of wonderful creatures in the wild.

From flying squirrels to scary brown bears, you may be able to encounter certain kinds of wild animals if you hike frequently enough in lush mountains or trails.

If you hike in colder regions, one animal you may be able to spot a couple of times is the moose.

It can be quite cool to see a moose minding its own business from afar, but it can also be nerve-wracking if you find yourself head to head with a moose.

So are moose dangerous when encountered in the wild? It actually depends on your current situation.

How to Use a Lensatic Compass – Guide on Finding Your Way in Nature

How to Use a Lensatic Compass

When going to the wilderness, it’s important to know how to find your way in case you get lost.

Now, cellphones might help with their GPS, but only if you’re close to the urban area, but if you end up in a remote location, you have to rely on something that doesn’t require an internet connection.

Lensatic compass is something that every hiker should have. It’s something that soldiers rely on for many years.

Once you learn how to use a lensatic compass for beginners, all you will need is a map, and you will be your own GPS system.

Preparing For Uphill Hiking: Best Exercises To Get You In Shape

which exercise helps prepare for uphill hiking?

If you’re planning a multi-day hike and you’re wondering which exercise helps prepare for uphill hiking, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite exercises (and proper ways to do them), as well as the importance of preparing for an uphill hike.

Does Polyester Keep You Warm – Is It Enough to Fight the Cold?

Is Polyester Warm?

Polyester is one of, or even the most used materials for clothing today. It’s an affordable material that is great for mass production of clothing elements, bags, shoes and even some tents.

A lot of people are wondering is it retaining the warmth and should they buy items that are made of polyester.

The general opinion is that you should buy more expensive clothing which is stuffed with down, but that’s a much more expensive option, and it’s not resistant to moisture.

So, I thought that it’s time for me to give my own input on the subject is polyester warm, and should you buy anything that is made of it.

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots – Stay Steady on the ground With These Tricks!

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots

The main purpose of boots is to protect your feet, provide you the comfort needed for long walks and to secure the much-needed stability when you’re hiking rough terrain.

There are several causes for heel slippage, but they are mostly caused by some aspect of the boots.

Having trouble walking is just one of the many problems that boot slippage can cause.

If you had or you are having that problem right now, check these helpful tips on how to fix heel slippage in boots.

A Practical Guide: How To Wash A North Face Jacket

How To Wash A North Face Jacket

When purchasing your clothes, you usually choose the model that best fits you or the one that you feel the most comfortable in.

You might also have a favorite color or material, or even a brand.

However, rarely do people pay attention to one very important aspect- how to properly care for the garment you buy.

Believe me; it can sometimes be quite challenging or even impossible to wash certain pieces of wardrobe at your home.

All this is especially evident when it comes to caring for winter clothes, especially jackets.

The materials used for making jackets usually require special care or even dry cleaning which can be quite expensive.