The Ultimate Survival Gear List for all Thrill Seekers!

Thrill seekers out there, thinking of heading out on your adventure? Well, what are you waiting for?! Start out on your adventure at once!

But wait! Put the brakes on for a second, and think, are you ready for it? Most probably not! You need to get everything in order, so that your thrilling experience creates only pleasant memories (and not spine-chilling ones!).


The gear, and your trusty Damascus steel, must be by your side! Once you have all of that sorted, you will have an adventure that is full of thrills.

Go out without preparation, and you might be stuck in dire situations, without a gear to help you out! So let’s get your checklist ready! 

Survival Gear Checklist for Adventure Seekers

Without the proper gear, chances of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere are quite high! Do you really want to get stuck in such a situation?

If not, then you need the proper gear to survive all kinds of situations!

You never know, what adversity might block your path. Stay prepared with this list of survival gear:

1. Water Filtration Unit

When you get stuck in dire situations, you might survive a few days without food, or even find food sources, but without clean water to drink, you can forget about your chances of survival.

You need to carry portable water filters and water purification tablets, along with wide mouthed large water bottles.

2. Survival Shelters

Survival Shelters

When stuck in an adverse situation, you will always need to create a shelter! But be very careful in choosing what to carry to your survival shelter.

If you are stuck in a forest, you have trees and branches to create one; but what if you are stuck out in the desert? Each kind of survival shelter is suited for a different location!

In a forest (with wild animals) the tent will be of no use! You will need a hammock to tie high up from the ground, to save yourself from falling prey to the wild animals. The hammock would be useless in a desert. The key point is to find the best hammock for camping, that reliable and can work well under normal and harsh conditions. 

So, think it through, before packing. The various kinds of shelters include tents, survival tarp, hammocks and much more.

3. Survival Weapons

Without the weapons, you will be left at the mercy of the wild (or the wilderness). The weapons not only help you defend yourself against the wild animals, but also act as tools for hunting, preparing meat and fish, as well as build shelters and fire.

You need wood for building a fire! Well, you cannot carry the wood, right?

If, you have an axe or tomahawk, you are covered for all your cutting and wood chopping needs.

A Damascus steel knife would be perfect for all your other needs. Just ensure that the knife you take on your adventure is a sturdy one.

4. Survival Gear to Start a Fire

Shaving Logs

In all conditions, from the calm and dry weather to stormy and wet weather, you will need to start a fire.

Sometimes, the fire is useful for keeping warm, while at other times it can help cook food or boil water, or even to keep wild animals at bay.

The various kinds of gear that you might carry for building a fire includes -- lighter, fire striker, tinder tools and a matchbox. It would be intelligent to carry waterproof matches.

Carrying a normal matchbox would be useless, because those tend to get wet easily! If a storm hits, you can forget about saving the matches.

5. Illumination Survival Gear

Darkness is an adversary! When you are out in the wilderness, it can be your biggest enemy. Whether you are stuck in a cave or out at night, a flashlight can save your life.

The various kinds of illumination survival gear include electric lanterns and headlamps, apart from the handy flashlight.

6. Communication Gear

If you are stuck out in the wilderness, do you really think that your amazing Smartphone, or any phone for that matter will work?

You need to carry top-notch communication gear, if you have any hopes of contacting civilization. It is always a smart option to carry a survival radio or a satellite phone.

If, you have gone on an adventure in a group, then walkie-talkies are a must! You need to stay in contact with the rest of the group at all times! Your survival could be dependent on this kind of communication.

Other Tools

Waterproof Backpack

Apart from these essential survival gears, you will also need to carry a few other tools that will lend support to your survival gear. The list of such tools includes:

1. Knife Sharpener

You have no idea how much you would need to use the knife, or, for how long you will be out in the wilderness.

No matter how sharp or durable your knife is, it is bound to lose its sharpness with extended use! Once the knife loses its sharpness, it becomes useless!

Carry a knife sharpener! It will come to your aid, and sharpen the knife once again to make it continue being a useful survival weapon.

2. First Aid Kit

In the wilderness, cuts and bruises are common. You could even have a nasty fall, and, dislocate a joint (Heaven forbid)!

Also take into consideration bugs like stomach flu, fever etc. With the possibility of so many adverse situations arising, it would naturally be a smart decision to carry a first aid box, which is specially assembled for such adventures!

3. A Backpack

Where will you carry all your gear? You need to find a sturdy backpack, to carry all your survival gear.

If, you do not use a proper backpack that is durable and strong, you can lose all your chances of survival (the gear) along the way.

Do not risk your survival by investing in a low quality backpack. You need a large, weather resistant and heavy-duty backpack, perfect for carrying all your heavy and light survival gear!


Oh, last but not least, remember to carry with you some dry and canned food items. After all, hunger pangs are best to be avoided!

It seems that you may need a boatload of survival gear to help you stay safe during your adventure; but how heavy or light you should pack depends on what you are after (activity, habitat etc)!

Unforeseen circumstances can often throw you overboard! Do not worry, if you have packed according to the survival gear checklist, you shall get back to where you belong safely.

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