A Complete Guide for Buying The Best Pop Up Camper

There’s nothing quite like living a life in the open road. You get to visit any place you please, set up camp pretty much anywhere you want, and just enjoy whatever the road has to offer.

Now more than ever, people are starting to leave their homes to pursue traveling around the world by land, and a lot of them do it with the best pop-up camper stuck to their cars.


Pop-up Campers VS. Travel Trailers

A pop-up camer? Why not just get a traditional travel trailer? Well, both these portable rooms offer a different pros and cons. But it’s really a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing between pop-up campers and travel trailers.

Travel Trailer Pros and Cons

To begin with, travel trailers are generally more spacious than a pop-up camper. Another great thing about travel trailers is that they offer more privacy. Most travel trailers are made with hard walls that are obviously more soundproof than that of a pop-up camper.

Another great benefit of getting a travel trailer is the convenience of being able to leave your stuff and supplies inside.

As for its downsides, well, it will cost you so much more than a pop-up camper. And even though you can basically tow it with your car, it’s not really the most portable choice. Considering how you can easily stow away a pop-up camper.

Furthermore, traveling outdoors in a travel trailer doesn’t feel as natural as traveling in a pop-up camper. There’s just something about the built of a travel trailer that still makes it feel modern.

Pop-up Camper Pros and Cons

One of the best things about a pop-up camper is that it’s just like a glammed up tent on wheels. What’s great about it is the fact that staying in it still feels like you’re camping.

Another benefit of having a pop-up camper is their lightness. A traditional travel trailer will weigh around 4,500 lbs, whereas a pop-up camper only weighs around 2500 lbs. This basically means there’s less need for gas.

The second benefit of having a lightweight pop-up camper is that you can attach it to smaller cars. Remember, the lighter you camper is, the more compatible it is with cars that have a low towing capacity.

Moreover, pop-up campers are so much more portable. If you don’t plan to use them for a long time, you can just disassemble it and store it away.

Lastly, pop-up campers tend are significantly cheaper than travel trailers. A brand new travel trailer can cost you up to $10,000. A pop-up camper on the other hand only costs around half the price of a travel trailer.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pop-up Campers

Jayco pup-up camper

Before you buy your own pop-up camper, you should first consider a couple of factors. Doing so will help you make sure of spending your money on the best pop-up camper for your lifestyle.

Your Car’s Towing Capacity

The first thing you should find out is the maximum towing capacity of your car. Your car’s towing capacity will fully determine how big of a pop-up camper your car can tow. When it comes to your car’s towing capacity, reach out to car professionals for accurate advice. Always account for the passengers and items you plan to bring with you.

Camper Features

Before you set out to look for a pop-up camper, identify what kind of features you want to have first. Do you want pop-up campers with bathrooms or kitchens? Consider if you want a toilet, shower, dining nook, etc. Keep in mind that the more features you include, the pricier your pop-up camper will be. Also take note that you can always add some features yourself for a cheaper price.

Canvas vs. Hard Sided

What kind of material do you want your pop-up to be made of? You can always choose between a canvas or hard sided pop-up. The main difference is the overall sturdiness of the camper itself. If you plan to camp in harsh environments, you may want to consider a hard sided camper for extra safety.

Design and User-Friendliness

Majority of pop-up campers can be set up within an hour. You basically need to roll up the roof and make up the bed and you’re all good. Make sure to choose a camper with easy set up instructions and few parts for less complications.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity basically refers to where you want to store your pop-up camper. If you only plan to use your pop-up camper a couple months a year, then there’s no reason for you to keep it attached to your car right? This is why it’s also important to consider where it will fit once you decide to store it away.


Last, but not the least is price. Before anything else, you should identify your budget. Because if you happen to find a pop-up camper and love it, you may only be setting yourself up for disappointment if you can’t afford it. If you’re planning on sticking to a low budget, you may also want to consider pop-up campers with fewer amenities. especially when most amenities can be added on your own.

Best Pop-up Camper Brands

1. Jayco, Inc.

One of the most popular pop-up camper brands in the U.S. today is Jayco, Inc. It’s a company that manufactures recreation vehicles. They mostly make pop-up campers, traditional travel trailers, motorhomes, and “fifth-wheel” travel trailers.

As of today, their most popular pop-up camper comes from their sport series. What’s great about this brand is the quality they use to build their campers.

2. Forest River Inc.

Forest River Inc. is another US company that manufactures all sorts of mobile homes and vehicles. Their main products include recreational vehicles, utility trailers, cargo trailers, buses, and pontoon boats.

When it comes to pop-up campers, one of their most celebrated products is the Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper.

3. Livin Lite

Livin Lite RV is an American manufacturer of different recreation vehicles. Their products are usually sold under the QuickSilver and CampLite brands. And just like its name suggests, they usually focus on bringing their customers light campers.

4. Coachmen

Coachmen is a very prominent name in the pop-up camper industry. what’s great about their products is that they can come fully equipped with comfortable features. However, such Coachmen campers to tend to be pricey.

5. Aliner & Somerset

Aliner & Somerset is the company behind the popular recreational vehicles such as the Aliner, Somerset, and Ascape series. They have been creating recreational vehicles for 3 decades. Some of their most notable products include the Aliner titanium series 10 and 12, Somerset Utah and e3, NewPort, and the Ascape Plus.

Top 5 Best Pop-up Campers

1. Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer

Jayco is a very popular company that makes all sorts of recreational vehicles. They produce traditional travel trailers, full-size travel trailers, and pop-up campers. When it comes to their pop-up campers, you may want to check out the Jay Series Sport camper.

Unlike other conventional pop-up campers, the Jay Series Sport has an A-frame style. What we like about it is the convenience and space it provides. It comes with dinettes and a handy bunk end that’s rated at 1050 pounds.

It also features a carry-out stove for easy cooking and a swing level galley that acts as your kitchen. Talk about the utmost convenience during camping right? With the Jay Series Sport camping trailer, you will certainly have a hassle-free and relaxing time outdoors.

On the downside though, the you might have to exert a lot of effort cleaning the canvas walls. However, it’s not really a big deal if you think about it. Especially when most pop-up campers made with canvas are just as difficult to clean.

Bottomline is, whether you’re looking for something rustic and rugged that can be cozy and comfy at the same time, the versatile and user-friendly Jay Sport camping trailer will certainly help make your nature getaways a lot more convenient.

Check out this quick video to see what the Jay Sport camping trailer is like.

2. Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

Another product from one of America’s most popular recreational vehicle brands is the Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper. This pop-up camper is made by Forest River. And it’s one of the two pop-up camper models that their company makes.

What’s great about a Flagstaff camper is how it features two sets of floor plans for hard side and pop-up styles. Their hard-side rockwood series even provides high-wall styles.

As for its features, you will be able to enjoy an assortment of amenities. If you decide to get a Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper, you’ll get a spacious dinette with seating, stove, sink, kitchen, and other essentials.

Another great thing about the Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper is its versatility. In fact, you can opt for Forest River’s “Add-a-room” feature for extra space. This feature basically connects an awning to your camper. The added room will be covered in screens, making it a great spot for admiring the outdoors while being protected from insects and weather elements.

However, even though their “Add-a-room” feature seems quite interesting, do remember that it will add to the total weight of your camper. So make sure to check your car’s towing capacity first before you decide to get this feature.

3. Coachmen - Clipper And Viking Camping Trailers

The Clipper And Viking Camping Trailers are a great choice for people looking to stay in a spacious camper whilst enjoying the thrills of nature. The Viking and the Clipper are the only two pop-up campers made by Coachmen, a prominent brand in the recreational vehicle industry in the US.

What’s great about the Clipper and the Viking is that both campers come with drawn-out bunks on each of its sides. Both also have ample seating, a spacious dinette, and extra storage in its center.

Don’t like showering outdoors? Well, you will certainly be delighted to hear that both Coachmen pop-ups come with a shower and toilet. No more hiding behind that itchy bush right? Plus, if you’re not really the best at cooking outdoors, you will also enjoy the stove that these campers come with.

Furthermore, Coachmen also did their work on the exterior of these campers. Both campers are designed with aerodynamic profiles that make them easier to tow with your vehicle. The design also makes it less susceptible to wear and tear caused by strong winds.

One downside to it though, is that you may experience some leaks around the bathroom during the rainy seasons. But don’t get discouraged, fixing leaks doesn’t really cost much and can be done yourself.

Check out this video to see a quick review of the Clipper And Viking Camping Trailers

4. Livin Lite - QuickSilver Tent Campers

Livin Lite - QuickSilver Tent Campers

Yet another popular brand in the US recreational vehicle industry is Livin Lite. This company has a long line-up of camper models. And every one of those models each have attractive features. For this review, we will be focusing on their QuickSilver Tent Campers.

QuickSilver Tent Campers are Livin Lite’s soft-side tent campers. They are quaint and cozy. But what’s most notable about these campers is how they can effectively fit at in the back of your truck.

You may think that not enough things may fit into QuickSilver Tent Campers because of its size, but don’t be fooled. In fact, QuickSilver Tent Campers usually come with a dinette that doubles as a bed. You even have the option to choose 2 different sizes for smaller vehicles and larger trucks.

Some notable QuickSilver Tent Camper models you may want to check out are the 6.0, 8.0, and 10.0. All of which are named based on their length in feet. So if you want something small you should go with the 6.0 or the 8.0. However, if you’re looking for something more full-size, you should definitely opt for the 10.0.

As for its cons, it’s strength also happens to be its weakness. Since it’s very lightweight as opposed to competing campers, some people tend to question the quality of its materials.

5. Aliner& Somerset – NewPort

The NewPort pop-up camper is an A-frame style camper made by Aliner & Somerset. Aliner & Somerset is another popular brand of campers in the US. They are well known for their A-frame style campers. In fact, they are even dubbed as the makers of the “original A-style camper”.

When it comes to their NewPort pop-up camper, you’ll certainly feel the overall firmness of its built. It literally seems like something that could last the test of time. So if you’re planning on spending an outdoor vacation in a place with harsh weather, you may want to consider the NewPort for a pop-up camper.

Another interesting feature of the NewPort is its quick and easy set up. Whether you’re a newbie at setting up stuff or not, Setting up the NewPort will not take you more than an hour. Plus, it’s set up instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

The NewPort is also celebrated for its ultra lightweight. In spite of its quaint size, the NewPort only weighs around 1150 pound, making it a quite maneuverable pop-up camper.

As for its amenities, you can expect to get a microwave, fridge, and ample storage space. It even has an alternative for an outside shower or a toilet.

When it comes to the cons, the only thing that may bother you is the small sleeping space.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best pop-up camper for a long road trip or for an immersive nature retreat, you better check out campers from well-known brands. Also take note of the different factors you have to consider when buying a pop-up camper. By doing so, you will ensure that you get the best pop-up camper that fits your personal preferences and needs.

Want to learn more about traveling on the road? Feel free to explore our blog. There’s plenty more where this came from! Thank you and safe travels!

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