Unique Ways to clean an RV Toilet

Cleaning an RV toilet might sound like an easy thing to do considering it is what one may conclude is doing and require a flush, also the thought of "it’s personal" worsen the issue of wanting to give it a perfect wash it needs.

Aside from the usual routine of having to push down the handle or having to press the flush button. There are unique ways to clean and make the RV toilet retain its bright white color.

Read along as I put you through on how to clean your RV toilet, so get a chilled drink and read along.


What Is an Rv Toilet?

how to clean rv toilet smell

An RV toilet is a temporary toilet which can be easily installed anywhere, but it is mostly installed in a recreational vehicle which is a vehicle (bus/train) that is used in traveling for one’s convenience.

Imagine you are traveling to a place you don’t understand the society or where you don’t want to use a public toilet, or you couldn’t locate a public toilet. This is where RV toilets come in.

It is usually a lightweight toilet and can be easily installed anywhere.  A toilet that comes with an empty tank (where the waste is saved) that will be installed a few meters from the toilet itself.

Of its advantages is that it saves the pressure of wanting to use a public toilet, that’s what the best RV toilets are meant for.

There are different types of RV toilets, and I will write the two I feel is the best based on convenience which I can also recommend

Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet

This is the bestselling RV toilet which is easy to use: it looks classic, easy to install, lightweight and has high efficiency.

Also among its competitor, it is high which is an advantage, although it still isn’t so comfortable for a tall person. Of all the Thetford products, it serves as the best.

Domestic 320 series RV Toilet

This is rated my second best RV toilet.

It has a look and feels like a full-size residential type of toilet. It has a wood seat and a deep bowl which offer a great comfort when doing the deal in the corner of one’s RV.

Also, it has a high seat, and it also has a foot pedal for flushing which is ideal. It comes with a spray faucet and is also easy to install.

Why Do I Need To Keep My Toilet Clean?

how to clean rv toilet seal

Aside from being familiar with the line that says cleanliness is next to Godliness, keeping the toilet clean is very important to all human being.

From the office down to the home, a clean RV toilet is expected. Here, I will give two essential reasons to keep the toilet clean.

#1. Prevents Germs and Bacteria

It’s not new that germs are contacted by coming in contact with dirty substances, and the surest place is a dirty toilet.

Using an unclean RV toilet can cause rashes to the buttock which can consequently lead to having to scratch the buttock in public when it becomes itchy.

A filthy RV toilet can cause a lot of diseases to the body. Remember, health, as they say, is wealth.

#2. Prevention of Bad Odor

An adequately cleaned RV toilet prevents having the odor of ones poo colliding with the air freshener of the RV considering the empty tank not far away, so it must be kept clean.

Also, it prevents self-embarrassment, when friends or colleagues are complaining about the unpleasant odor coming out of the toilet.  

Unique Way to Clean the RV Toilet

Cleaning the RV toilet is not a difficult task, following the point I am about to will help in the quest to have a fresh, neat and astonishing white color.

For easy understanding, I will break down the points to the essential part of the toilet.

1. Bowl

Do not use an adhesive brush to wash the bowl, should in case after using the toilet, there is some residue left, you are advised to use a soft brush on the bowl to keep it real cool and not damage it.

You can consider the following brushes

The brushes mentioned above is the best I can recommend keeping the RV bowl neat and can easily remove left residue without damaging the bowl.

Also, it is not advisable to drop the toilet paper (tissue) into the bowl, instead drop it in the trash to aid the empty tank from getting filled up. Though some people do it, it’s not advisable.

2. Cleaning The Bowl

how to clean rv toilet bowl

Immediately after use, flush the RV toilet and make sure no waste product is remaining, then apply some bowl cleaner to the little water left, then you can softly scrub the bowl with the brush, then flush once more. You can expect a sparkling white bowl for your toilet.

Also, I can recommend some toilet cleaners you can use( though the ones I have used and worked fine) which are:

These are the ones have used and worked for me, they add some pleasant smell to the toilet bowl when used to wash.

3. Cleaning the Toilet Seat

Here is one of the important part of the RV toilet which people don’t consider to be important, some RV toilet doesn’t have any more, some people intentionally remove it. No, it shouldn’t be! It is created for convenience.

That’s what makes it so important to be cleaned because you have to sit on it to comfortably do the deal.

You know the toilet seat may be exposed to urine that lurks underneath it, and it gets smelly, and if not thoroughly washed,  the urine may evoke bacteria which will be transferred to everybody that wants to use the toilet, mostly family members because it is an RV toilet.

To wash the toilet seat:

  • Pour water on the toilet seat
  • Add the toilet cleaner
  • Wash both the top and beneath with the brush extensively
  • Wash the scouring pad
  • Take time to clean the parts where urine lurks until it becomes clean
  • Rinse the toilet seat
  • Clean the surface of the toilet seat with a damped cloth or with tissue paper to remain dry every time

Though you are expected to do this daily.

4. Cleaning the Tank

how to clean rv toilet tank

This is the most important of an RV toilet, there’s no dispute that after thorough cleaning of the bowl and the toilet seat, if the blank tank of the RV toilet isn’t properly taken care of, then there will forever be a severe and unpleasant smell everywhere it is located(considering the black tank is not far from the main RV toilet).

Dealing with your RV black water tank is one of the more unpleasant and problematic areas of using an RV toilet, but once you can deal with it, you get years of comfort and odorless enjoyment.

Also, it is advisable always to empty the tank before it gets filled up because it can damage the tank, which will subsequently give an unpleasant odor and consequently require repair.

So here is a summarized way of cleaning the RV tank  

After emptying the black tank:

  • Add ¾ water to the black tank
  • Add some liquid bleach to it(preferably the suggested ones)
  • Then you will have to close the toilet lid to avoid breathing any toxic fumes
  • Allow the mixture to maybe sit for at most 10 minutes
  • Then drain the tank
  • Fill up the tank with water and drain immediately.
  • Now all you have to do is to keep filling the tank with water and keep draining till the hoses become free of and look clean from the exterior part.

The above step keeps a black tank clean, odorless and makes the monitor system reading accurate –the latter being a common complaint amongst the RV community.

Also, the above step is commonly used or has been used by people.

Everyone Has Their Theory

According to friends who also use the RV and keeps their toilet astonishingly clean, when we were discussing the strategy of cleaning an RV tank, they suggested a plan that is different from the one I use.

I will like to share some of my friend's theory of cleaning the RV tank.

1. Ice cube and Detergent 

This is a unique way of cleaning the RV tank, not wanting to waste time, I will summarize how they have been using it

  • Get 2 or 3 bags of ice cubes into the RV tank
  • Also, include a quarter cup of dishwashing detergent(preferably NON –antibacterial version)
  • Also, add two gallons of water to the tank along with the ice cubes.
  • Then take a drive for about 2 hours (just like going for your excursion for the day)
  • Drain out the tank.

Note that this is done after the RV tank has been emptied.

2. Yeast And Peroxide Flush

To get rid of odors and solids in the tank, I can recommend the use of yeast and peroxide. Considering it is a cheap method.

  • Add one gallon of water to an empty black tank,
  • Add 4 oz. of yeast and 10 oz. of peroxide.
  • Take a drive to your next destination, while the mixture is blasting around in the RV tank, all the solid particles will be removed.


Having a clean RV toilet makes it easy to use and increase its life span, keeping the RV toilet clean is essential.

So we have gotten to the final huddle of learning how to keep an RV toilet clean. Enjoy your tour, and enjoy your clean toilet.

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