Dress for Success: My Guide on What to Wear on a Hiking Date

What to Wear on a Hiking Date

If hiking is in your system and you simply cannot do without it, you should definitely try a hiking date.

It is a great idea to show your potential love partner what you are passionate about right away and see if he or she will be able to fit into your lifestyle.

Why? Well, if you are constantly on the go you do not want to end up with a couch potato.

Besides, isn’t it romantic to spend a day in nature and end it with a kiss, with a colorful sunset behind you? A movie-like scene, don’t you agree?

Alas! Nothing comes easy in life, and be you a boy or a girl it will not be easy to dress sexy if your date is taking place on a muddy trail in a humid forest, or a windy mountain, or..well to be honest, almost anywhere people hike these days.

10 Best Songs for a Fun Hiking Trip

Hiking Songs

I don't know about you, but I really can't imagine a day without music, let alone a hiking trip. A walk in nature simply isn't complete if you don't bring music with you, so I'm more likely to forget my food than an mp3 player.

When I'm ready for my trip these are the best hiking songs that are always coming with me:

Get Hyped Before You Go – 10 Best Hiking Movies To Set You In The Mood For An Adventure

Hiking movies

Everybody loves to watch a good movie, right?

Nothing gets you pumped up for a hiking trip like watching a movie devoted to the topic. I’ve seen many of those, and liked them all. Here is my list of 10 best adventure hiking movies for some outdoor inspiration:

The Question That Needs to Be Answered: Is Rainwater Safe to Drink?

Is Rainwater Safe to Drink

As a passionate backpacker, I care a lot about the environment and see water as a precious resource that needs to be cherished.

Also, in some situations, I have found myself lacking in water during my hiking trips and wondered if it is going to rain and what would happen if I would drink rainwater. How to make rain water safe to drink?

The answers to this question are many, and they depend on various factors even on the place where you are collecting the rainwater (more on that later).

There is no simple yes or no answer, but I’ll try to make everything as clear as possible.

Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag: The Ultimate Battle

Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag

Nothing beats sleeping under the starts, and nobody knows that better than backpackers.

I’ve had my fair share of billion-star hotels, and I know how difficult can it be to choose a proper sleeping system, especially when you want to pack light. The choice naturally comes down to either quilt vs. sleeping bag.

Both of these have their advantages, especially if you decide for a quality product made of great materials.

Which one is better? Most of my backpacker friends still use sleeping bags, but in the last couple of years I’ve noticed that quilts are carving their ways into backpacks across the planet.

Sleeping Under the Stars, Or Tucked in and Protected – Hammock vs. Tent

Hammock vs. Tent

Are you an outdoor lover? If yes, you really need to read the following text as it might resolve an often debated dilemma and decide an ultimate winner in the final countdown: Hammock vs. Tent! Interested? I bet you are, so do continue reading, I guarantee a lot of interesting information.

Camping with a Generator: How Much Gas Does a Generator Use?

How Much Gas Does a Generator Use?

You might think to yourself: isn’t taking a break from your phone and other electrical appliances the whole point of going camping?

It’s not that enjoying the simplicity of the great outdoors isn’t fun – it’s one of the best experiences ever, but sometimes you just need a power source.

In situations like this (or in case of a power outage), you’re going to need a generator.

To make sure you’re well prepared, you’ll have to determine how much gas does a generator use in a day first; stick around to find out how.

Thievery Of Prometheus – How Hot Does a Campfire Get

how hot does a campfire get

After spending a whole day hiking in the wilderness, I can say that I’ve had the most enjoyable time somewhere in the evening by the campfire.

Out there in the wild, at lower temperatures and being exhausted, there is nothing like a warm crackling fire and some hot beverages.

But, I’ve always wondered how hot does a campfire get and is there something that I can do to tune it a bit so I can get it even hotter or less hot.

After some research, I have some info related to this matter, and I’m going to share it with you.

What is the Difference Between Trekking and Hiking? Which Is For You?

Hiking vs Trekking

Most of us today live in concrete jungles, spending far less time outside in green, natural spaces, then people did several generations ago.

We live in a dynamic, stressful world, so full of schedules and so short of time, often forgetting how strong nature impacts our mental and physical wellbeing.

Connecting with nature is a great way rid ourselves of stress, tension, to restore mental energy and boost our physical condition. And what is better than walk in nature?

It doesn't matter if you are young or old, a couch potato or intrepid explorer, walking in nature may be the healthiest thing you can do.

The Green, Small and The Annoying – How to Remove Burrs from Clothes

How to Remove Burrs from Clothes

Usually, when I get out of the home and search for some adventures on my hiking trips, I bring back home some little pieces of nature who are reminding me about the time I’ve spent outdoors.

There is always a little rock, or some leaf, or empty slug shell hidden in my pocket.

Usually, when my friends come to visit me, they look at my strange collection and ask why do I gather and keep such things.

Well, after that they all become ears and hear about time and places from where I’ve picked those souvenirs.

But, almost whenever I go out there are some unexpected guests that I bring home with me. Of course, hiking represents an excellent opportunity to collect dust, debris, fallen leaves and finally burrs on clothes.