10 Best Songs for a Fun Hiking Trip

I don't know about you, but I really can't imagine a day without music, let alone a hiking trip. A walk in nature simply isn't complete if you don't bring music with you, so I'm more likely to forget my food than an mp3 player.

When I'm ready for my trip these are the best hiking songs that are always coming with me:


The Animals - House of the Rising Sun

I think this is the first song I heard when I was a kid and even after so many years I still love to hear it. It relaxes me and brings back a lot of good memories. This is a must-have on any playlist.

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

The name of the song says everything. This catchy tune always makes me dance and hop, especially in the “la la la” part. The cheerful and upbeat rhythm will be the wind in your back. With old rock and roll, you can never go wrong.

Amy Macdonald - This is the Life

Hiking is really a life. So walking, talking and singing in nature is a perfect way to spend a day. This lady has a really lovely voice, and her songs are soothing for the ears. The vibe of this song will surely bring you to your destination.

Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed

Eddie is one of my favorite singers. Most people will know him from his legendary band Pearl Jam. Like the rest of the songs, this one is relaxing and ideal for the trip, but somehow it is special. It's maybe because of his voice; it just makes you feel happy.

The Weepies - World Spins Madly On

The world actually spins when you are at the place you feel completely comfortable. Regardless if you are alone or with someone you like, with this song, the feeling will be amplified. The song is short, but luckily you can always set it on repeat.

Billy the Vission and the Dancers - Summer Cat

No matter if you hike in summer or do you like cats, this song is going to slip under your skin. I didn't like it that much the first time I heard it, but later I couldn't live without it. This is one of the hits that everybody likes.

Janice Joplin - Piece of My Heart

With every step I take, a piece of my heart stays with that part of the earth. Janice has an extremely recognizable voice and lyrics. This tune is the one that follows your heartbeat, and you just have to love it.

Doors-Roadhouse Blues

I love to hear Jim Morrison wherever I go. Not one playlist can be made if there isn't at least one of his songs. His voice is really attractive, and that hippie sound will definitely complete your hiking trip. If you never had a chance to hear Doors music, this is the right time to do that.


The other day I was walking with my friends through the city and somewhere behind the corner of the street I heard an older man playing this song on guitar. I was thrilled and it woke up some old lovely memories. After that, I was singing "Africa" all day long. when I arrived home, I put it on the mp3 player immediately.

Rolling Stones - Start me up

Rolling Stones are the most popular band of all times. Mick Jagger's moves, style, and voice are very recognizable and special. His dance moves are described in one the Maroon 5 songs. Listen to Stones and be happy.

As you can see, when I am hiking I am more fan of easier songs. Actually, that is the point. Your mind needs to be relaxed, so as your body.

I like to say that the music is yoga for the mind. Go for an adventure, take your music and enjoy the trip!

Hiking Songs

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