How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes – The Quick, Efficient Guide

How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes

There are few things more pleasing than spending an evening under an open sky, singing by the campfire or just relaxing and distancing from everyday stress and city fuss. But, as every Jin has its Jang, so does fun.

One of the more annoying things about sitting around a campfire is the smell. To be more specific, that smoke which remains for a while later.

That is why I have decided to make this list, so that you can enjoy your time, without worrying How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes.

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? – Melanie Answers

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive

Every true outdoorsman knows that going to nature is fun and exciting, but it can also be risky if you don't gear up properly.

Aside from proper footwear and clothing, having a good cooler is very important.

Whether you are bringing your food from your home, or you plan to do some hunting and fishing, keeping your food fresh is crucial if you want to have a good time and have your mind at ease.

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive?

Having a Yeti cooler is often mentioned as a perfect choice – these products have proven themselves many times, and are advertised as such.

But if you don’t have a deep pocket, those might be out of your reach.

The Copper Queen Among The Leaves – How to Identify a Copperhead Snake

How to Identify a Copperhead Snake

A friend once told me that when I go outside, I will see the breathtaking wonders of nature.

But, I should also know that the world out there is not just yours – it belongs to many other creatures. Some of them are snakes, and I must take additional care when going for a hike or camping trip.

So, now I am going to talk about one commonly misidentified wildlife denizen and help you How to Identify a Copperhead Snake?

5 Best Campgrounds In Popular USA Parks

Campgrounds In USA Parks

Spending few nights under the stars is one of the best and most exciting solutions for a summer vacation. Whether you are an adventurer or a romantic soul – that feeling when you hit the road ready to spend next few days in nature is indescribably good.

There are many parks in the United States that offer the unforgettable summer experience. Some of them are very crowded, and some of them are still unexplored. Depending on your own interests, location, and motives for camping this summer, you should choose the adequate one and enjoy completely.

Here are my picks, which will hopefully help you choose the right campground to visit in the United States.

My Trip to Navagio Beach – The Ultimate Beach Experience

Navagio Beach

As you already know, I love to explore this beautiful world and discover some new and unfamiliar places. There’s an opportunity to learn something new and explore almost anywhere. Today I’m going to tell you about my experience in one surreal place – Navagio beach.

Navagio Beach

This is a relatively small beach, surrounded by massive cliffs (I believe around 600ft), located on the majestic island of Zakynthos, Greece. I recently discovered this island and this guide through the fantastic guide to Navagio from Zakynthos Insider, and I fell in love with it at first sight. I planned to visit this island for a long time, and browsed through several guides, but this guide has won me over, and I made my decision.

How Long Do MREs Last? Eat It or Forget About It?

How Long Do MREs Last?

You went on an extended camping trip and were seriously too lazy to bring your own supplies and actually cook some food. Or a really hungry bear just managed to wipe out your entire food supply on the said camping trip.

Whatever the reason, you and your camping buddies are now currently facing a dilemma involving a tan package and the doubtful viability of its contents. Are you gonna eat it or not?

Is it still even edible? How long do MREs last, anyway?

THE ROAD GOES ON – 10 Best Hiking Trails in Colorado

10 Trails in Colorador

At the start, you will agree that there is no better way to see the world or enjoy every second of nature but to go on hiking. The incredible color specter, the sound of the leaves whispering around you, cheerful songs of the birds, or the lake that looks flat as a mirror – all of that you could experience in a right way only if you are on foot.

And if you are in the North America, well, everything west of Denver is saying come and see. Therefore, I will tell you about the richness which Colorado has to offer to a hiker through the 10 Best Hiking Trails in Colorado.

5 Wild Camping Sites in Scotland

5 Wild Camping in Scotland

Scotland has some of the most gorgeous and open lands for camping. You can camp almost everywhere; there only are few places in which the camping is prohibited. The weather can be very unpredictable; if you’re not turned off by it, you will catch some amazing sceneries. I picked out five of my favorites, so if you are around, be sure to check them out.

How to Wear a Boot Knife? – Be Safe Not Sorry!

How to Wear a Boot Knife

If you like to spend your time outdoors, whether it be for hunting, hiking through woods or camping with your family, you should always be prepared as there are many dangerous situations you could face which might even include having to defend yourself or your loved ones from wild animals.

For all you nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, we have comprised a detailed guide that will inform you on all you need to know about boot knives, and most importantly how to properly wear a boot knife so that you can use it effectively and stay safe at the same time.

How to Find a Leak in an Air Mattress – The Handy Guide

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

Air mattress is a great thing to have. It can make your nights in the nature much more comfortable.

Just take it out of your backpack, connect it to your air pump and you'll have a comfort of the house right there in your tent in no time.

But, aside from being a great commodity, air mattress has one bad side.

If you ever owned anything inflatable, you already know what I'm talking about.

It's that annoying air leak that turns your comfortable night of good sleep into rough waking in the middle of the night on solid ground.

At this point, I'm sure you're scratching your head and asking yourself: "how to find a hole in an air mattress"?

If you stick around, you'll find out soon.